7 Common Email Marketing Myths You Should Stop Believing

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Are you about to start an email marketing campaign for your business? Or, started but failed? Then, you must know that, what may work for other’s business, may not work with yours; and, you shouldn’t mistake myths with facts.

7 Common Email Marketing Myths
In my last blog post, we discussed Google Adwords Myths and today we will discuss the common email marketing myths that every marketer should stop believing.

Email marketing is one of the best approaches to drive traffic and boost sales. But, there are myriad misconceptions about how to influence an incredible email to pitch. More than 294 billion emails are sent every day and it’s nothing unexpected then that as a customer, you can hope to get 2.5 promotional emails per week.
Here, in this article, we will disclose the 7 common email marketing myths that you shouldn’t believe.

Myth 1:Choose one “best” day or time to send emails

You might have heard many times that, people decided the best day or time to send emails like, Thursdays or Tuesdays, before 12 or after 3 pm. The reason behind choosing the time and day is, that everyone else are also sending the emails and client must be checking through.

But, the fact is, the best time actually varies based on your list. So, do your own test to find the best results.

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Myth 2: You shouldn’t send the same email twice

We often send a similar email twice, when we feel our email is ignored or haven’t got a reply back. Every email that we send, is followed 48 hours by what we call a “remail.” Basically, it’s a similar content, but with a different subject line. We have sent emails again just to those clients who didn’t open the primary email.

But, the fact is, some people might have been too busy that a few emails may have bounced; while others may have deleted it by accident. So, re-sending the email is a good option. Just keep three tips in mind:

  • Resend only if your email campaign is most important
  • Change the subject line while sending again
  • Before re-sending the same email, Wait for at least 72 hours

Myth 3: Emails and subject lines should be short

Short emails are better as compared to long emails. Since the key to a viable email is not its length. It’s the pace, the expressing, the style, and the passion. In short, it’s the manner by which you connect with your readers, and not some unproven formula that favors 100 words more than 500. In this way, keep it short and say it clearly. Also, keep your subject lines short.

But, it does not always work. Sometimes, longer subject lines work too and might prove more useful. Make sure that all of your emails should have a call-to-action.

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Myth 4: Unsubscribes are bad

It truly hurts when somebody taps on the ‘Unsubscribe’ button. But unsubscribes aren’t always bad. Sometimes, they’re a blessing for other willing customers to subscribe.

Why? Because it costs cash to manage the list of emails. Also, you would prefer not to squander your well-deserved bucks on those, who are not at all interested in your brand. Email marketing isn’t a quest for self-importance. In fact, it’s never about how many subscribers are on your list, but it’s about how you are helping the right people. When a couple of people unsubscribe, think positive that they are actually leaving the space to let others willing subscribers join your brand.

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Myth 5: You need a big list to make a big impact

When we talk about the number of subscribers, the bigger is always as good! Always checking your list helps in serving the people best who matters the most; existing clients and fans. In fact, those are the people who won’t simply make your brand bigger, but show your best chance to create long term benefits.

But, the fact is only handful of customers are active out of that big list. So, it’s better to have a small list with engaged subscribers, rather than a giant list of disengaged subscribers.

Myth 6: Email marketing automation is Expensive and lengthy

Email marketing automation is often perceived to be an expensive solution. This ultimately leads to consuming lots of time.

But, the fact is, there are many Email Marketing tools that offer an all-in-one email marketing solution. It includes myriad features, including extensive automation. When you consider the time-saving advantages, high ROI and relative cost – compared to other digital channels – the value of an email marketing solution is clear!

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We hope this article helped in showing up the 7 most common email marketing myths, that you should stop believing while looking to optimize your marketing campaigns.

Are we missing any of the myth which really need to avoid? Then, do share with us in the comments section given below!

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