Need a simple way to reach your target audience? Want to keep them updated with your products, services, offers, and much more? Why not deliver targeted content directly to a customer’s inbox?

Isn’t it a super-cool idea?

Top 10 Email Marketing Software & Tools

Thus, Email Marketing forms to be a key element in your success plan.

It is through well-configured and customized emails that you can create better relationships with a wider audience. Presenting more opportunities for your business, it simply drives better return on investment and sales. And probably this is the reason why it is used by 82% of B2B and B2C companies.

Still wondering why you need email marketing?

Though there are numerous reasons, yet you need to know the below stated ones for sure.

  • Boosts brand awareness: It helps stay top-of-mind with your targeted customers and increases the chance of turning potential customers into leads, leads into clients and clients into loyal customers.
  • Perfect solution to non-targeted marketing: Your prospects receive content suited specifically to their needs.
  • Easy sharing:Just a simple click of the forward button and subscribers can share your deals, offers and news extensively.
  • Cost effective:It is highly affordable as there are no print costs, no advertising rates and no postage fees.
  • Measurable marketing: With precise and valuable metrics, such as click-to-deliver rates, delivery rates, open rates, and subscriber retention rates, it becomes easy to learn customers’ behaviors and interests.

So, if you haven’t considered email marketing yet, it is high time!

But remember, just sending emails won’t help you out. You need proper email marketing strategy which not only allow you to send multiple emails, but also assist you in;

  • Managing contacts,
  • Segmenting them into groups,
  • And even track your performance.

For this, you can count on the tools listed here;

1) MailChimp

Certainly you look forward to an easy-to-use interface, right? What if you get amazing tools, convenient integrations and knowledgeable articles to help you master the art of email?


Mail Chimp- Email Marketing Tool


Luckily, MailChimp provides them all. It offers several features including;

  • Easy email creator
  • Segments and groups
  • Forms to capture emails
  • Email and live chat support
  • Social media integration
  • Tracking and analytics
  • Merge tags
  • A/B testing

Though there is a forever free plan, but if you want the all-star features, simply upgrade to a paid account. So, with this you’ll be able to start with your email marketing strategy right away.

2) Constant Contact

Keeping your audience up to date with newsletters or targeted content delivery couldn’t have been easier. With Constant Contact you will be able to manage contacts, templates, email lists, and much more, easily.


Constant Contact- Email Marketing Tool


Being beginner-friendly, it is one of the best options for small businesses. You will be benefited with:

  • Online training
  • Built-in social media sharing
  • 1 GB storage
  • Image library
  • Easy tracking and reporting

And if any problem occurs you can get customer support through email, live chat, or a community forum.

You can initially enjoy a 60 day free trial and then continue with pricing as low as $20 per month.

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3) GetResponse

You cannot ignore the smartphone users, right? Then GetResponse is an easy-to-use platform which allows you to preview how your message appears on computers and phones, differently.


GetResponse- Email Marketing Tool


Thus, while you’re preparing your design or add in your text, you get an insight of your customers will receive them. Other interesting features are:

  • Auto responders
  • Responsive forms
  • Segmentation
  • Landing pages
  • Smart automated campaigns
  • Group-specific content delivery
  • Marketing automation
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Stock images

While there’s a 30 day free trial, you can later use this powerful tool to create effective campaigns, and drive conversions and ROI at just $15 per month.

4) Aweber

Want a tool which enables you adding people from different platforms WordPress, PayPal and Facebook? Being a big player in email marketing, this tool surprises you with an extensive range of features for your business. Some of them are;

  • Hundreds of free templates
  • Proper list management
  • Auto responders
  • Email tracking and insights
  • Seamless integrations


Aweber- Email Marketing Tool


It offers users a 30 day free trial. After that you can continue with very competitive pricing range, starting from at $19 per month.

5) VerticalResponse

Is it possible to get a full-featured email app which isn’t complicated?

Yes, with its clean and simple interface, VerticalResponse help drafting beautiful emails and send them to your contacts. Here’s what all you can get from this tool;

  • Wide range of pre-made templates
  • Tracking of both, your emails and your social network shares
  • Enhanced interaction tracking
  • 100% mobile & social friendly
  • Advanced reporting
  • Contact management


VerticalResponse- Email Marketing Tool

Along this, if you need more professional features, you can switch to VerticalResponse Classic. But it is recommended for highly advanced marketing projects.

As far as pricing is concerned, it is freefor up to 4,000 emails to 1,000 contacts per month.

6) Campaign Monitor

When you want your emails to stand out, you need to go beyond those standard email templates. That’s why Campaign Monitor let you code your own email templates, with an array of tools to customize email templates with ease.


Campaign Monitor- Email Marketing Tool


While you can use the drag-and-drop email builder, you can also choose any of the professionally-designed templates. With this, you will also enjoy:

  • New and unique visual journey designer
  • Personalized and rich customer data
  • Interactive data and analytics for your campaign.
  • Seamless connection with hundreds of pre-built apps

For all these you need to pay just $9/month (minimum).

7) Benchmark Email

You want great emails? Then you might need a variety of layouts, text, and multimedia components? Benchmark Email, which comes with a cleanly designed email editor, assists you in doing so.


Benchmark- Email Marketing Tool


Some of the striking features include:

  • Dozens of professional, stunning email newsletter templates.
  • Fully customizable online surveys
  • Email list management tools
  • Deliver Bulk emails
  • Track Reports

What else you need? Start with the process of creating quality, eye-popping emails that work. It is free for sending up to 14k emails to 2,000 contacts.

8) iContact

Reaching your audience doesn’t mean sending emails only. Hence, iContact also includes social networking tools which help creating and scheduling Twitter and Facebook status updates, along with your email updates.


icontact- Email Marketing Tool


It is popular for its integration with various platforms, ranging from Salesforce to Drupal. Then there is a long list of specifications, making it more useful:

  • Contact management
  • Email creation
  • Surveys
  • Sending and reporting services
  • Support and assistance

It is also popular for its integration with various platforms, ranging from Salesforce to Drupal. Being cost effective, $10/month for up to 250 contacts, it can be a good choice.

9) MailerLite

If more than 200,000 customers are using it globally, there are good chances that it will benefit your business. Being a simple and affordable email marketing service, MailerLite is ideal for small businesses.

Why? Here are some reasons;

  • Super-easy and powerful editor
  • Stunning email templates
  • Fully customizable web forms, popup forms, and landing pages
  • Several integrations
  • Powerful automation and auto resend features
  • A/B testing


MailerLite- Email Marketing Tool


Although MailerLite has a free plan for its users, yet you can also pay as little as $10 (for 1000 to 2500 subscribers)per month. Isn’t that really affordable?

10) Yesware

Need just an all-in-one email toolkit?

Offering a smart solution to help connect with prospects, track emails, monitor customer engagement,and much more, Yesware offers set of specifications which includes;

  • Sales tools and tracking
  • Personal and team templates
  • Personal reports
  • Centralized team billing
  • Salesforce integration
  • Trusted IP ranges


Yesware- Email Marketing Tool


You can go for free version first, and if it works well for your needs, the paid subscriptions start at $15.00/month.

After learning about the top 10 tools, one thing is pretty clear- Email Marketing is not as simple as it appears. From simply sending email updates to the advanced marketing tools, there is a lot stuff which helps managing your contacts, send email updates, and automate marketing.

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Now when you have the best options to choose from, you surely find the one which works ideally for your business. Give them a try, start sending the email updates which are hard to ignore.

Need some help? Have some other query? Feel free to discuss or just leave a comment.

8 thoughts on “10 Best Email Marketing Software & Tools To Make Your Business Grow

  1. Hi, I used Mailchimp for my company,(Hospital Information System software in UAE) So here are some points that I have noticed : Customer support team is good, they help me for my setup, every time I call there is someone to pick up the call, Price is too less, I have never found as cheap as Mailchimp, so price wise it’s awesome. There are lots of features which include Customized template, list of bounced back emails, User can upload all contact on cloud, Integration API, HTML Template etc. So overall Mailchimp is come with complete features very less price.

    • Hi,

      We also use Mailchimp in our company and it is really a reliable software which provides useful features in budget.

  2. Daniel

    Nice post! I like GetResponse and their marketing automation. It’s cool that they have quite a few useful features in content distribution.

    • Hi Daniel,

      I am glad you liked the article.

      Yes, GetResponse is also a good tool with amazing features. You can also give a try to MailChimp.

  3. Omevo Online Marketing Evolution

    Nice article. It is true Email Marketing forms to be a key element in your success plan.

  4. Namit

    It is the best guidance lines for beginners. It will help the beginners to not to make this silly mistakes and put more concentration on these tips and tactics.Thank you for sharing. Best regards.

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