List of Important Dos & Don’ts for Your PPC Landing Page

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One of the most common phenomena with PPC Landing Pages is, they don’t behave the way we want it to. Many businessmen struggle with it. Though the theory to landing pages seems simple enough it is often less-than-ideal in practice. One of the biggest issues that have been caught in practice is when a group of people is working on a landing page development; they all carry different agenda to cater like:

 Dos & Don’ts for Your PPC Landing Page

  • The IT wants the usual web template.
  • The customer service department want the landing page to badge its warranty plans.
  • Product development team wants the landing page to promote a new warranty plan.
  • The legal team keeps looking for loopholes.
  • And the list may go on with every new department getting involved.

Landing Page Conversions and the Psychology Behind it:

Germinating leads is all about fitting the psychology and sparking emotion in a way that triggers a fruitful conversion. It is all about relevance, the more your homepage would look relevant to the user, the chances of getting followed increases. There are so many things that affect a landing page like social proof, authority, discounts, and scarcity churns the psychological aspects of how the user is treating the site.

Landing Page Aspects


Get a 5-star Reputation for Your Business:

The online reputation is very easy to maintain, and since not every site carries such reputation thus it makes it easy to gain reputation online faster. All you have to do is monitoring. You must review and respond to feedbacks that will help you to know your customers and can make a list of things they are expecting out of you.

Of course, there is a list of Dos-and-Don’ts that will help you to understand the principle behind PPC and Landing Pages.

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Here is the list of thing you must avoid and do:

1. DO make sure that your site is responsive and especially the landing page. You can always advertise non-responsive pages, but Google may detect it if they’re not mobile ready and then it is going to affect your pay per click.

2. DO make sure that your page is valuable. Since your main goal is to create hoopla and attract a lot of visitors. Send relevant traffic through your conversion page. When roped in Ad-Words, it will let Google scrutinize the website as a ‘bridge’ page and would be keeping a check whether the offer is real value to the user like:

a) Reviews
b) Comparisons with Competitors
c)Filters of Similar Products
d) Anything that helps the visitor to have better information before they visit the site.

*Keep it in mind that Google tends to ignore same content on different posts. Like if plagiarism is found on your site, more likely you won’t get approvals for the ad.

3. DO NOT claim or promise as you see on some advertisements says that, Albert lost 20Lbs in 6 weeks. Usually, such ads never get approved.

4.DO make sure that with claims or testimonial you are also putting up a disclaimer, and Google dramatically favors content that states, “Disclaimer, the result may vary from person to person”. If it is necessary to make claims, and then make sure you add a visible and readable disclaimer along the claim.

5. DO NOT cross the moral lines and do not mention banned terms. Google does not entertain banned words or phrases of any kind. It also includes the images with banned words on it.

6. DO make sure you’re landing page use the phrases and terms in ads.

7. DO make sure that tracking pixels that are required to build an audience are installed on the landing page, and also the conversion pixels are placed properly on the action you seek to perform on the site. If you do not have these in place, you won’t be able to track your records and campaigns.

8. DO not put the page title same as SERPs. If needed, you must create separate landing pages for new target new ads. No doubt, the labor is considerably more than expected but it makes the campaign effective.

9. DO not exaggerate or commit unrealistic claims and words like ‘miracle’ or ‘instant results’. If you wind up with such claims or words, it will be regarded as a breach of the Personalised Advertising policy that Google has placed to prevent advertisers misleading users.

10. DO make sure you have products in action on a landing page. It has been generally seen that if the subjective attraction of your website is shown moving and the viewer is able to look at it in different angles, gives them more confidence. Nothing can explain a product like a video can. It leaves a strong impact on the buyer.

11. DO make sure that your page has a trusted certificate and a trust signal that is visible to the viewer. Signals carry a strong impact over a consumer and it tips the undecided prospective from no to yes. No need to have dozens but can include written testimonials, trust seals, video testimonial and more. You might not need this on every landing page, but definitely, it is something that one should test as the giant companies use the same ways to start fresh sales.

12. DO not forget to say thank you. Not only it is considered as polite but this is something that you can put leverage on. What you can do is, create a thank you page that offers more value to it. You can place some links and resources that you wanted to include on your landing page.

13. DO keep yourself open to possibilities. When you are suggesting a revision to a landing page or thinking of creating an entirely new one, it might push you back. Often it has been seen that the companies have gone through a long process to get their landing pages together and it gets alarming to redo all. Now if your company cannot afford a full revamp, then try to go through the most critical changes. You might get the desired results and it may give you the data that can push you for further changes.

You can always look for good page examples of landing pages. Here you can find five landing page examples collected by Greg Secrist. If you are looking for a few mobile site examples then these five mobile landing pages have been collected by Brad Smith. To conclude, a landing page has a very crucial role if you want to succeed in PPC marketing campaigns. The major concept is to convert a user into a customer, therefore, always include a Landing Page when you are planning for a PPC marketing campaign to churn it more effective and profitable.

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