To make big bucks, you need good number of customers and for that you need good marketing strategies. 

Email marketing can be a virtual cash machine when done in the right way. It is today one of the most cost-effective, quickest and effective way to engage customers and boost your business growth.

Email Open Rate

Whether or not you know, for every dollar spent on email marketing, businesses make nearly $41 in sales, which is much more than other marketing techniques like mobile marketing ($10.51 per dollar spent), search engine marketing ($12.71), display advertising ($19.72).

Hence, for the businesses to survive in the online market, they need to start building their email list. One common mistake that businesses usually make is they focus on the subscriber count and not the OPEN RATE (percentage of the number of recipients who opened your email), which is also another crucial aspect of internet marketing.

So, here are 5 simple yet significant tips on how to improve your open rate.

1. Long Headlines or Subject Lines

Gone are the days to write those short and to-the-point subject lines in your emails. According to an analysis by GetResponse on about 375,000,000 emails, it was found that emails with more than 61 characters in their subject lines had maximum open rates, 12.38%. The same study also revealed that long subject lines also enhance your Click Rate (CR) at 2.08%.


2. Turn them CURIOUS

Try Open Loop technique to win your customer’s attention. Write a subject line that contains limited information but is enough persuasive to catch the minds of your subscribers. The more impressive your subject line is, the more are the chances for you to get noticed greatly.

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3. Trend to use Lowercase Letters

Users are more inclined towards opening emails with subject lines in lowercase letters because they appear like coming from a real source with a real purpose, just like we use them while writing emails to our close relatives or friends. Uppercase letters appear more formal and hence people are less likely to open such emails. Using lowercase letters in subject lines looks more trustworthy and genuine.


4. Send Emails on a Regular Basis

Sending emails to your subscribers once or twice in a month can cause them to unsubscribe. Hence, send them the emails more frequently to increase the open rates. Planning and scheduling emails for each of your subscriber in advance can be significant here.


5. Implement Double Opt-In

Yet another simplest way to engage our subscribers with your email is to use the Double Opt-In method. This helps to avoid spams and bots. As an alternate to Double Opt-In, you can also give your result a cleanup once in six months. This will help you delete those people who haven’t read your emails in last 6 months.


Hope these 5 easy steps would help you seek attention of your subscribers in form of better Click Rate, Open Rate and traffic.

And.. If you’ve some other ways to achieve the same.. feel free to share with our audience.

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