Google AdWords is a powerful marketing tool to boost your conversion rate. However, it is not free from several misconceptions that can hurt your campaign.

Google AdWords MYTHS

Do you think that Google AdWords is a click fraud? Do you think only 1st position is everything in AdWords? Do you believe that AdWords is too expensive to afford?

It means that you still believe the misconceptions about Google AdWords that should’ve been forgotten ages before. Some of these myths are dated practices that work no more. Some of these myths are a brainchild of the marketers who failed to understand AdWords. No wonder if you are not seeing success with your campaign so far.

Here we have come up with such misconceptions about AdWords you should not believe.

Myth#1: Google Ads Don’t Get Clicks:

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This is one of the common misconceptions about Google Ads. Had it been true, Google wouldn’t be able to earn $100 million in revenue every day from people clicking on their ads. It means that Google Ads get more than 50 million clicks per day with the average cost of per click $1-$2.

Of course, people click on Google Ads. Google continues to improve the appearance of its ads to attract the users.

Myth#2: My Competitors Will Click My Ads All Day, Costing My Money

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It is obvious to think that your competitors can click on your ads again and again to make you pay more. But Google is serious about such click frauds. Its robust technology checks the origination of the clicks by tracking IP address. Besides, it detects and filters out “malicious clicks” in real time so that you only pay for legitimate clicks.

So, you don’t need to worry about that.

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Myth#3: Get No. 1 Position or Else Your Campaign is Fail:

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Getting a 1st ad position in SERPs is not always beneficial. How?

The first reason is that your top spot ad may attract the people who are not interested in buying. They may click your ad just because it appears on the top in the response of the keyword they put. And you will be ending up paying for too many irrelevant clicks. Your ad can perform better on 2,3,4 and 5 positions that are cheaper than the number one spot. Number one spot is good for branding, but it can’t assure you a good ROI.

However, you should test to find which position can work for you.

Myth#4: Landing Page is not Required for AdWords:

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A landing page is a page where the users reach after clicking a link on your ad. However, many businesses don’t consider it necessary to link their ad to the relevant landing page. Instead, they link the ad with another page which is not customized for their ad.

For example, your sale ad redirects the user to the irrelevant page or somewhere lacking essential info about the sale and deal. Consequently, a customer will find nothing useful and leave the site. Therefore, you should tailor your landing page according to the ad it is linked with. Or it is better if you create a new landing page. Make sure to use the same titles in your ad copy and landing page.

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Myth#5: Your Account Can’t Have Single Keyword More than Once:

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This point used to be fact in the earlier days of AdWords. Now, it is nothing but just a dated strategy which is still practiced by many marketers. There is no logic in that. In fact, using the same keyword many times in your account is beneficial for your campaign. It increases the visibility of your ads. All you need to pick the right keywords for your campaign.

Myth#6: AdWords is Too Expensive to Afford:

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AdWords is not a free service. However, it is affordable for all sizes of business. It lets you manage your ad spending by setting a daily budget and maximum bid. Good thing is that you can set your budget at any amount and change it at any time, giving you control over your AdWords budget.

AdWords is only expensive if you go for the highest bids without knowing how it works and what requires to be done to make it profitable. It is of no use if you are not getting expected ROI with your high costs.

Myth#7: AdWords Gives You Faster Result:

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Many marketers opt for Google AdWords as they believe it delivers instant and fast results. But simply it is not true. In fact, no form of digital marketing guarantees you success overnight. You are required to work on your campaign’s aspects like the audience, keywords, and budget. You have to monitor the results. You have to change your campaigns more often to keep it up to date and running smoothly.

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Myth#8: I Can Manage My Campaign On My Own:

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Running an AdWords campaign sounds simple with simple keywords and a limited number of ads. However, it becomes challenging and time-consuming when your campaign grows, requiring the major portion of your time. It simply means that you need a full-time PPC professional to handle your AdWords campaign if you want to focus another line of business.

So, for a successful ad campaign, you need to stop believing or practicing the myths listed above.

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