Shaped up in 2011, with an appetite and enthusiasm to help businesses using online channels and getting them success in the first time, we worked hard for our clients by increasing their reach to the relevant audience..

Director Kunal SethKunal Seth (Director)

Director Romit Malhotra Romit Malhotra (Director)

…Practically speaking that means we spend the day working for our clients, by creating well & smart user experience websites & application, delivering search engine marketing campaigns, managing social media marketing, broadcasting email marketing campaigns, interpreting traffic visualizations.

Everything we do is underpinned with real & solid facts related to market leading technologies and tools. We measure effectiveness in the campaign, by delivering true results in terms of brand engagement and optimize all online channels to ensure the maximum performance.

  • We take a systematic approach to deliver the best results because we know that it makes you feel good watching it.
  • Whether you’re navigating through the complications of a design-development project, shaping your brand image on mobile devices OR
  • Working to optimise your entire online sales process, The competition for a digitally connected customer is on 24/7.
  • We understand your point of concern & share your sense of urgency, as we know what it takes to win.
  • We foster a creative and collaborative culture to ensure the KVR team delivers cutting-edge solutions that yield effective measurable results.
  • We know the world keeps turning, so our availability of 18 hours a day meets the demand of our worldwide clients. With this, we are considerate about our employees and so we provide them secure and right environment in different work shifts which makes them more productive every time.
  • Starting at 9am sharp every day, our talented and passionate team members begin the day with reading the trades and learning the latest of digital marketing world. This helps in keeping their ear to the ground and their knowledge of digital trends up-to-date which further helps in forming innovative strategies that transforms the capabilities of any business.
  • Our meetings are crisp and productive with set objectives, so that everything we do is aimed at meeting your goals.
  • We have a proven track record and our achievements are based on our values of being trustworthy, helpful and professional.
Kunal Seth
Varun Sharma
Romit Malhotra
We are plain speaking business people just like you who are very much economical with the truth and that’s very important for a healthy business relationship. With analytical minds and a serious sprinkling of creativity,we delve deep to help you achieve your goals.
Varun Sharma
Romit Malhotra
Kunal Seth

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