9 Haunted Places in India (You Better Carry HanumaanChaalisa)

A woman in white Sari roaming 3 feet above the land…strange voices are coming from a deserted building for no reason…and there is a weeping kid that is likely to get disappeared when someone approaches him.         …


Why Emerging Technologies Need Women

Can you guess this scene? “A T-rex creates havoc. Meanwhile, Lex reboots the computer system and saves everyone’s lives. Without her insane hacking skills, everyone would be the snack of those intimidating dinosaurs.” Yeah, you are right. This iconic scene…


2020 Fashion Trends to Look Super Cool and Feel Comfy This Summer

With February on, it’s the right time of the season to look forward to new trends that will be ruling the fashion industry in summers. Summers, as we all know, are generally associated with a hot breeze, scorching heat, and…


5 Excellent Home Business Ideas You Must Start Today

5K INR for home rent—2 INR K for insurance—3 INR K INR for utility bills—1 INR K in lump sum expenses….. This is how the major part of our income is spent minus the unforeseen expenditures like vehicle breakdown or…


National Puzzle Day with KVRians! How Tricky Puzzles Sweat Out OUR Minds

Did you know January 29 is National Puzzle Day? (Pat yourself on the back if you already knew it!) As the name suggested, this event is all about testing your wits with those puzzles, games, crosswords, riddles, and of course,…


6 Major Benefits Of Internal Linking You Cannot Overlook

Have you been trying hands on different SEO practices but still lack somewhere? Do you want a solution to any or all of these, Boost the number of long-tail keywords? Better respond to the users’ queries? Increase your visibility and…


What is Google Data Studio And Why to Use It

If you are into digital marketing, probably you might have faced different challenges with analytics. While it typically involves downloading Google Analytics data, followed by adding the same to Excel spreadsheets for making charts and diagrams, these can be still…


7 YouTube Video Optimization Tips to Get It Ranked

Are you not getting views on your YouTube videos? Or you are doing it for the very first time? These tips call your attention. You Know…. 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. YouTube is the largest…


Industry experts’ interviews

Larry Kim

KVR Webtech in Conversation with PPC Expert- Larry Kim of WordStream

Howdy readers!! This time we got the opportunity to interview a renowned personality of PPC world; yes we are talking about Larry Kim.

Rand Fishkin

KVR Webtech in Conversation with SEO Superstar- Rand Fishkin of Moz

Howdy readers!! Welcome to another interview edition of KVR Webtech!..

KVR Webtech in Conversation with Digital Marketing Expert- Neil Patel

Today, we are here with one more interesting interview of a Digital Marketing Expert who has helped..

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