There was a time when Newspapers, television, and radio was the only source for marketing, but the time has changed with the introducing of paid online media. PPC and paid media marketing have made impressions on the audience.

Paid Media is considered as the most time-successful alternative for driving traffic to an online storefront instantaneously. It assists linking you with your potential audience. We firmly suggest paid search to be a part of an included search marketing tactic for all brands. Being Paid Media Marketing Agency in India we create, manage, and optimize campaigns for both B2C and B2B customers.


Google Paid Ads

We set quantifiable objectives which we screen through our Paid media marketing services in India. We help in conveying the right movement to your site with least expensive price option.

Bing Paid Ads

In this profoundly cutthroat world we make bing advertisements more practical and permit your Bing ads to offer more better control on brand campaigns to roll out the improvement.

Facebook Paid Advertising

We help accomplishing required traffic, reach and likes for your business by concentrating on Paid media marketing through Facebook ads to accomplish your business goals.

Twitter Paid Advertising

Boost your business growth through twitter by promoting tweets, accounts, and trends. We make your tweets adaptable to imminent client visiting your targeted landing page.

LinkedIn Paid Advertising

Through Linkedin, we give the best Paid Media Marketing Services in India, to elevate your organization to profoundly applicable clients to produce more leads and B2B sales.

Remarketing Ads

With Remarketing Ads, we permit you to target existing leads from your client relationship management (CRM) programming or drive your past guests to your site through.


What is Google Adword?

In simple and clear words, Google AdWords is a Google’s advertising product. Using Adwords you can get ads for your products or services displayed on Google search or its partner sites. It assists you in reaching new customers and helps your business to grow. Along this, you have the freedom to select an ideal place for your ad and that too in a comfortable budget.

I already appear on Google search results. Why should I pay to advertise?

You may appear on Google search, but advertising with Google Adword will for sure help you in increasing the visibility of your website. Undoubtedly, your present customers will search for your business by the brand name and your website shows up in their natural search results. However, for the potential customers who generally tend to search for a services or product by topic and location, Adword make their search easier. Advertising next to the relevant search results add benefits to your visibility and business. Moreover Google adword is the best tool to beat your competition.

What is the cost of advertising?

AdWords doesn’t feature a fixed price lists or rate cards. You can select a daily budget you’re comfortable with (which can be changed at any time) and there is restrictions like minimum spend or any kind of contract. When an advertisement is displayed on Google, you are charged as per the number of clicks on your ads. The pricing model depends greatly on cost-per-click auction in which you need to specify the maximum amount, i.e. a max CPC bid for each prospective customer visiting your website through your ad.

What is the Payment Method?

Google AdWord offers various payment modes including:

  • Net Banking: It allows you to make the payments through online bank transfer which is done in a highly secured mode.
  • Credit card: For automatic payments you can opt for Credit card payment mode. All you need to do is add a credit card to your account by registering your card and then verify it the bank to ensure secure transactions.
  • Cheque/ Demand Draft: Payments can be accomplished in form of a cheque or demand draft by courier to the trusted partners, the Citigroup’s Mumbai office.

Where does my ad appear?

The appearance of your ads is not restricted to one place and it will appear across the web. The visibility greatly depends on the targeted audience and the type of ads.

You can easily target your ads on:

  • Google search
  • Various search sites
  • Websites visited frequently by the target audiences
  • Cell phones, tablets or any other similar devices

Why Choose KVR Web Tech?

We help you to advertise your products and services, connecting you to the maximum number of customers. Your visibility depends on the selection of the campaign type, i.e. search network, display network and a blend of search network with display. Holding down the visitors who have already visited your website via remarketing campaign, we show them the relevant ads across the web and whenever they search on Google. So, we don’t let your present visitors go, restraining them to your ads posted over all of the places like Google websites, the sites displaying relevant Google ads and other options like mobile apps.

Google Adword Certified Professional

In the cutthroat world of advertising, you need to work with the leaders capable of bringing you an edge ahead of your contenders. Working with the Google Adwords certified professionals like KVR Web Tech; you can lead the online world.

Best ROI

For any business person, investment is directly related to the return on investment. We strongly believe that AdWords advertising system works ideally for almost any type of business. Using the most valuable technique we deliver measurable ROI in terms of maximum number of clicks and impressions contributing to the success of your business.

Best Tools for PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a simple process and a subset of SEO internet marketing strategy. We are strict to the usage of ethical means and make sure that our clients receive maximum profit from PPC. For this we make use of the most prominent tools like SEMRush and KeywordPlanner.

Professional Campaign Performance Reports

We turn up with the timely updates regarding the customer’s project. Our reports structure comprises of:

  • Campaigns Performance Report: It comprises of the statistics aggregated on the basis of search network and display network.
  • Click Performance Report: It includes the collective stats for each click level.
  • Ad Performance Report: The combined statistics for the ad level are presented in this report.
  • Conversion Tracking Report: In this report you will get statistics of number of conversions we got in selected date range.