I also love the ‘SHE’ in him…

I love him, love him alot… For the ‘HE’ in him – his well-built physique, strong shoulders, stable mind, hunger for success, his passion, his discipline… I love him! I also love him for the ‘SHE’ in him – the…


UDAARI (ਉਡਾਰੀ)

ਆਪਣੇ ਵਿੱਚੋ ਆਪਣੇ ਆਪ ਨੂੰ ਕੱਢਣਾ ਸੀ, ਪਰ ਭੁੱਲ ਗਿਆ; ਭੀੜ ਦੀ ਪਰਵਾਹ ਕੀਤੇ ਬਿਨਾ ਤੁਰਨਾ ਸੀ, ਪਰ ਰੁੱਲ ਗਿਆ । ਸੋਚ ਆਪਣੀ ਨੂੰ ਮਹਿਫ਼ੂਜ਼ ਹੀ ਰੱਖ


ਕਿਉਂ ਨੇ ਲਕੀਰਾਂ (KYU NE LAKEERA)

ਓਹੀ ਧੁੱਪ, ਤੇ ਓਹੀ ਛਾਵਾਂ, ਓਹੀ ਪਿਓ, ਤੇ ਓਹੀ ਮਾਵਾਂ; ਓਹੀ ਰੁੱਖ, ਓਹੀ ਹਵਾਵਾਂ; ਓਹੀ ਮਿੱਟੀ, ਓਹੀ ਪਿੰਡ ਦੀਆ ਰਾਵਾਂ । ਅੱਡ ਦੇਸ਼, ਵੱਖਰਾ ਵੇਸ਼, ਇ


कोई… (Koi)

यूँ ही कोई क्यों अच्छा लगने लगा है , अनजान हो कर भी अपना होने लगा है। कुछ तो बात होगी उसके चेहरे में, जो आम हो कर भी वो ख़


The Girl We Meet

Was in a queue for fifteen minutes In the busy airport, with wee humane Merely 50 people in front of me But could picture the whole nation of sane. A father with a 7-year-old daughter Showing the guidelines of boarding…


Ik Insaan hi to hai…

A human being is the best creation of god and his/her life is full of colors. we just need to have the right attitude to explore the happiness at every step Continue reading


Content- An Indispensable Warrior Of Indian Freedom Struggle

“Whether the aim is to win independence for your nation or to market the word about your company, you need a plethora of content. The kernel of content marketing is to convey your message to your targeted audience, thereby creating…


Google Broad Core Algorithm- A Virtuous or Vicious Cycle?

Many SEO experts experienced the sleepless night and many woke up flabbergasted on the morning, when on 1 August 2018 they witnessed a sudden drop in their website traffic. All the experts were left startled when an unforeseen drop in…


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KVR Webtech in Conversation with PPC Expert- Larry Kim of WordStream

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