5 Simple Tips To Create SEO Friendly URLs

‘First impression is the last impression’ You might have heard it time and time before. And this stands highly true when it comes to your website. Especially, the URLs, which are often the first thing your customers and Google will…


Top 5 WordPress Chatbot Plugins to Choose From

Here is a list of some powerful WordPress Chatbot plugins to facilitate your customer support and boost engagement. Is your website equipped with a live chat feature? If not, it means you are missing out a huge opportunity to provide…


How Facebook Pixels Can Boost Your Business Through Facebook Ad Campaigns?

If you want to track your visitors minutely and appropriately, pixels are the way to catch them. There are just two important things you need to do to get the process going. To keep it simple you must install two…


New Features Rolled by LinkedIn and Pinterest – What Small Businesses Must know!

Changes are for better. And nothing can be a great example of this quote than social media platforms. They have been evolving over the years to improve the user experience. As a marketer, pacing up with these updates can give…


KVR Webtech in Conversation With Zac Johnson – An Affiliate Marketing Expert

Hello readers!! we are back with another interview session and this time we got the opportunity to have the conversation with Zac Johnson. Zac Johnson is an  Affiliate Marketing Expert and has several years of experience in making money online.…


Farewell to Google Plus: An End of a Turbulent Journey

Was this destined to happen? Here is how Google Plus has met the fate of its predecessor, Orkut. “WE ARE SHUTTING DOWN GOOGLE+ FOR CONSUMERS” This is how Google announced to shut its social media platform, Google Plus. Once supposed…


Top 7 Elements to Create High Converting Landing Pages

Learn here what it takes to create a successful landing page that can capture leads. What is a landing page? Here is the simplest definition—it is the page where a user lands as soon as he clicks the link. Right?…


SEO Tips for Shopify Website

Use these SEO tips to get more traffic to your Shopify website so that you can convert them to sale. Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms as it houses over 600,000 businesses worldwide. Thanks to its interactive…


Industry experts’ interviews

Larry Kim

KVR Webtech in Conversation with PPC Expert- Larry Kim of WordStream

Howdy readers!! This time we got the opportunity to interview a renowned personality of PPC world; yes we are talking about Larry Kim.

Rand Fishkin

KVR Webtech in Conversation with SEO Superstar- Rand Fishkin of Moz

Howdy readers!! Welcome to another interview edition of KVR Webtech!..

KVR Webtech in Conversation with Digital Marketing Expert- Neil Patel

Today, we are here with one more interesting interview of a Digital Marketing Expert who has helped..

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