Earlier we have discussed “What happened in digital marketing in 2017 and prediction for 2018”. Today we will discuss the mobile SEO trends which we will see this year.

Mobile SEO Trends to Watch in 2018


Mobile SEO is going to deliver better user experience in 2018. Let’s see how…

 SEO industry has seen the rise of many game changing SEO trends in 2017. The industry is looking forward for big changes in 2018.

What about mobile SEO? How it is going to behave in 2018?

There is a blur line between mobile SEO and desktop search engine marketing. In fact, some webmasters take them as the same thing. But mobile SEO is different in terms of search behavior, quality signals, levels of user engagement, and above all, ranking algorithms.

Therefore, mobile SEO will have its own trends, own guidelines. It means that you need to go beyond desktop SEO when it comes to planning for mobile SEO. It is important to optimize your website for mobile presence as more users make searches via their smartphone.

In 2017, mobile ecosystem has gone through a lot of changes to enhance user experience. It was the year when Google announced Mobile First Index. SEO industry learned the importance of mobile user experience in website ranking. Even Google came out with new mobile friendly testing tool.

Another major highlight of 2017 was the use of AMP on a large scale as it is considered that Google AMP can boost the website’s visibility in search engine.

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These happenings of the past year will shape up mobile SEO in 2018.

Here we have rounded up important speculations about mobile SEO so that you can plan SEO strategies for your website’s mobile presence accordingly.

Mobile SEO Predictions For 2018

A Shift towards PWAs from Native Apps:

PWA or Progressive Web Apps are web apps that look like regular web pages or website but appear like native mobile apps. These apps are responsive, safe, installable and compatible with all browsers and users.

Another benefit is that PWAs open in full screen without address bar and allows offline functionality and push notifications. This way, PWAs help companies enhance user experience with their mobile apps. Luckily, Android OS has started showing them in Google Play Store. This is why developers will be looking to incorporate PWAs characteristics into traditional mobile apps to enhance user experience.

People will Look for Cross-Device Convergence:

Responsive web design will be history. This year will mark the beginning of cross-device convergence. This new technique allows people move their data seamlessly across the devices like smartphone, desktop, tablets, and laptop or vice versa, recording history, state and status of usage across all devices.

Google’s Push for Structured Data Markup in Mobile Searches:

Structured data helps Google read the data without having to crawl the pages and parsing all the content on the web. Besides, users get an overview of the information in the SERPs.

A well marked up content is ideal for non-traditional devices through voice search and interaction with Google Assistant, Android Auto, and Google Home. It also helps other products like Siri, Fitbit, Amazon Alexa and voice-enabled TV remotes.

The Year of “Voice Search”:

 In 2017, chatbots, digital assistants and smart speakers made it convenient for mobile users to make online searches using their voice. In 2018, users will look for more voice-based engagements, prompting marketers and platforms as well to create new solutions to gain more customer loyalty.

Amazon is looking to leverage the increasing use of voice search among users by integrating Alexa into smart home devices like a thermostat and home lighting. Google has teamed up with Walmart and Target to provide voiced based shopping via its assistant.

Apple may join the party with its speculated voice product, HomePod.

 So these are some major trends that will define mobile SEO in 2018. What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below…

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  1. shweta

    hey… there are many revolution occur in Digital marketing. Today we do smart work.people only create quality bank links, more focus on content. Through mention above new things you can promote business.

    • Every business has own requirements and strategies varies accordingly. Its great that you find my article helpful. Keep reading.

      • shweta

        Thank you Sir for your kind information.

  2. Mike

    The voice search is still something people aren’t considering which surprises me. I am glad to see someone talking about it like this. Between Amazon and Google, people are doing voice searches now more than ever and it is very important to make sure you consider this with keywords and general text. The more Google likes your page, the better!

    • True, people are still not considering voice search in their marketing strategies but it is really required to optimize the websites according to voice search as people find voice search more easy than searching with typing a text.

  3. Thomas D Miller

    Voice search is going to be the conqueror in the coming days. There is a huge amount of people who love to search with the help of Voice. So, optimizing a website for the voice search can be the best option for the business owners.

    • And soon every marketer will include this strategy in their marketing plan.

  4. Garvit Tyagi

    I m glade to see someone taken the time to explain about mobile SEO & the PWA application,Nice Article sir.

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  8. Ella Hayes

    Thanks for your share such kind of important trends for mobile optimization. Because nowadays most of the website from the mobile phone platform. So everybody who is related to web technology should aware of mobile optimization.

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    Thanks for the information. We believe mobile search optimization and voice search optimization plays a vital role in upcoming days.

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      Thanks for our appreciation. Moreover, the mobile search optimization and voice search are actually playing important role these days.


  10. Kaspersky HTTP Error 501

    mobile SEO will have its own trends, own guidelines. It means that you need to go beyond desktop SEO when it comes to planning for mobile SEO. It is important to optimize your website for mobile presence as more users make searches via their smartphone.

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    Great Article, Thanks for sharing.
    What about Speed Factor, Mobile and desktop optimization and responsive designs.?

    • Hey,

      Speed optimization and mobile responsive are always the important factor for website optimization, which we focused in 2017, this year and will be focusing in 2019 and further.

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    Just awesome piece, I am just wondering after reading this information. You just describe step by step. I am running a small website (hostnetindia.com) and I am trying to rank my keywords in organic result. Sometime it seems that SEO techniques might confused to us But many bloggers always here to solve our confusion. I am also getting seo tip from your blog. I hope your tips will be helpful for my website.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Ajju,

      Keep on optimizing your website as well as focus on good content marketing strategy, you will surely be able to rank your website in Google.

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    Voice search is taking over the search landscape and we need to insert it in our SEO Strategy to be in the race.

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