While mobile is getting closer to the people’s heart, it is an obvious change to see businesses making a move to make their content useful and accessible for the mobile users and due which earlier Google has introduced the Mobilegeddon Update.


Google New Mobile Friendly Testing Tool

And now this initiative by Google with the all new Mobile Friendly Test is something going to raise the bar! Read on to know more. So, the obsession to make all the websites mobile friendly is on progress. Yes, Google has left no stone unturned to keep a hold of mobile users all across the world. And certainly, the new mobile friendly testing tool, which is now available for all users logged into the Google Search Console, is a step in the same direction.

What’s New?

A couple of weeks ago, there was some buzz that Google is testing a new mobile friendly testing tool. Thus, it is announced officially and the new tool is out there. The best thing is that the new tool is slicker and less frightening as compared to the original tool.

As per the internet giant, it is expected to bring more room to continue with the improvement on its functionality. Along this, it is anticipated to be better than the previous Mobile Friendly Test tool. Being mobile friendly; this tool can be used to test the sites for mobile friendliness on their smartphone too!

How to Access the New Tool?

To help the users, Google also has brought forth a help page which can be used to learn more about this Mobile Friendly Test Tool. Alternatively, you can also reach the new mobile tool through the Mobile Usability Report by Google, having some excellent pointers to make your online presence go more mobile friendly.

Basically, the idea behind is to make the mobile visitors visit the mobile-friendly sites repeatedly. Hence, if you wish to offer your visitors a top notch mobile experience, you can catch hold of this tool. Faster loading, excellent readability, outstanding usability, and easier navigation are some of the added benefits.

What Google has to say?

Adding a more to user experience, Google has advised to use this Mobile Friendly test tool. Besides being highly useful, it is very easy to use. All you need to do is simply type in the full URL of the web page (which have to be tested) and run the test. It will hardly take a minute to run.

As far as the results are concerned, it will include:

  • A screenshot depicting how the page looks to Google on a mobile device.
  • A list of any mobile usability problems.

For now, it is time to go mobile friendly with the all new Google’s testing tool!

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