HRs! Do The Things That Count Except Of Counting The Things You Do

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The biggest resource of any organization is “human” and keeping them motivated & activated lies under the ambit of another human with a designation of Human Resource (HR). But what is the job profile of an HR?

  • Determining the needs of staff
  • Collecting time cards
  • Drawing up contracts for new employees
  • Managing corporate celebrations

Celebrating an event without any motive is similar to directing a film with weak, repetitive storyline. This is the reason for keeping the last sentence bold. There is a need to end the culture of hand-picking the celebration ideas from the antiquated-idea bucket which lacks motive and creativity.

Time To Wake Up And Turn Off The Ringing Alarm Of Approaching Fiasco…

Whether it’s coloring each other’s face on Holi or making rangoli on the festival of Diwali, the ideas are so monotonous that even employees celebrate such events with a fake smile on a face.

HRs, it’s high time to wake up from the bed of roses. Bring in some creative and unique ideas which not only fill the employees with enthusiasm but also carry some noble cause along with.

Opportunities for HR…

India is a country which stands on the pillar of ‘Unity in Diversity’, celebrating every festival with zeal and ardor. Various festivals throughout the year offer a unique way of celebrating our culture to its fullest.

HRs has got a huge opportunity to the bag, by innovatively celebrating all the events, bringing the spirit of togetherness and bonding employees like never before. Community Relations can be encouraged by an HR team by implementing charitable contributions and encouraging community involvement and practices.

A Moment Full Of Pride For All The Employees…

Our aim to celebrate an event with fun, engagement of employees and charitable contributions came into existence when KVR WebTech celebrated Diwali in an entirely unique manner.

By choosing this article as a platform, I want to spread this idea to all the HRs so that they can learn and implement it in an entirely exclusive way in all their event celebrations.

The hard work of KVR WebTech management and HR department initially laid down the following roadmap.

Road Map of Donation Camp

Converting KVRians into entrepreneurs, thereby turning ON the light of happiness instead of fire-crackers…

In this busy rat-race of corporate life where everyone was busy making money, KVR WebTech on the other hand, decided to spare some time to uniquely celebrate the Diwali festival with a meaningful purpose.

‘KVR WebTech’ was converted into a euphoria garden where a fair was organized to raise the funds to bring some light into the hearts of needy children.

Diwali Mela

Sneak-Peek into KVRians jubilant fair…

KVR WebTech, being an expert in digital marketing, gave the hidden artist of all the KVRians a platform to showcase their marketing qualities by selling their hand-made products or services amongst each other.

  • Various stalls embellished the office premises and KVRians, being specialized in marketing, were able to sell the products at triple the price.
  • The earned money got doubled by the generous move of the KVR WebTech management.
  • The management appreciated the KVRians who contributed the most by spending the maximum and the team who helped to raise the maximum funds.


The start-up of all the KVRians turned them into a successful entrepreneur and marketer as they made an enormous amount of memories, happiness, and money at same time.       

KVR WebTech added a charm in Diwali celebration with a little touch of donation…

It is not a compulsion to do the great things to bring a change in a society, instead doing little things with a dose of love can help to achieve wonders. KVRians added lots of love and care to the earned money and hence KVR WebTech management decided to invest it in three phases without hampering the work.

Phases of Donation Money

See more pics here

“When compared to philanthropy, business is easy because the market speaks whether you are right or wrong. But charity is not all about arithmetic; it is an act that gives more satisfaction to a giver than a receiver.”

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