Diwali 2017: How KVRians Celebrated Diwali Differently

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Diwali is all about fun, food, dance, crackers… sorry, no crackers which pollute the environment – even if it is for just one day!

So, our ultimate goal was to laugh out altogether as loud as no cracker would create a sound, make someone’s heart beat with excitement, create a sparkling effect and lighten their lives to some extent as no ‘sky shot’ can.

But how?

Distributing sweets? Making Rangoli? Or distributing clothes to poor? Games? Music, dance, fun…? Is that it?

No! That’s all so simple and monotonous. We scratched our minds to bring in something different to make some one’s simple day a DIWALI in future!

What about a MELA? Where you buy and sell simultaneously… where you invest less and raise pretty good amount of funds to help some needy?

Why not? We made it work…

I was so overwhelmed… seriously, I was skeptical about this idea at once but when it was announced that we have raised as much as Rs. 14,490 from a quickly planned and a short-term Diwali Mela which was organized at the premises of KVR Webtech Pvt. Ltd. only.

Diwali Mela Handmade banner

I made someone pinch me to make me believe that we could raise so much. Another shot of excitement was from our respected directors when they announced that they are going to double the amount for the betterment of few unprivileged children.

That’s commendable… seriously! Merely minting money is not being human, raising others is.

There was no usual Rangoli making competition and only sweets distribution this Diwali. We had every KVRian decked up in colorful traditional attires complementing the décor of the office premises. The décor was simple, bright and handmade. Yes, we added the gleam of handmade lanterns, pom poms and the banner to the lights, flowers, bangles, rangoli and ribbons. See the colorful beauty here:

Diwali Preparations by KVRians

How we brought the perfect fundraiser to action?

Ideas started pouring in a week before the celebrations, soon after the proud KVRians were divided in 5 equal teams. We all had the full freedom to select the name and theme of the stalls, the investments, type of investments, marketing strategies and everything. So, we came up with following stalls:

Saaj Sajawat:

The team brought in quite good ideas and the feel of a MELA with diyas, mehndi and tattoos… i.e. something for each one of us. Where girls were quite happy with mehndi on their hands, boys got excited with the tattoos of their preference.

Handcrafted Diyas    Tattoos in making

Sadabahaar Segment:

The home décor stuff – from wall hangings to diya platters to lamps, fridge magnets, candles, games, greeting cards, potpourri and what not. The items were all so colorful, innovative and handmade with love. Ladies loved it completely.

Handcrafted home decor stuff   Handcrafted stuff stall

Khel Mela:

A mela without games might be a flop show but we can’t afford not being the stars. So here is our mega star stall – Khel Mela. All the fun was here – hit the bulls eye, pass the ball, try your luck with cards etc. perfected with opportunities to win cash back.

Anokhe Aflatoon:

As the name suggests, it is something different. We had a very talented professional photographer for the photo shoot, a nail art artist and spicy yummy bhelpuri readily available. If you are hungry, want a makeover for your nails and get shot in natural crazy poses. This was the perfect stall for you. Hey wait! Did I tell you about the ever green, shining and the highlight of the day – DHANNO?

Cute prop for photobooth - Dhanno

Anokhe Aflatoon

Diwali Ke Sitare:

Any guesses? Har party ki shaan – ye hai khaana meri jaan!Yes! They came up with very colorful concept – corns, ice cream, coffee, fruits…. Ummm yummmyyy! I think food needs no explanation and introduction. Just have great experiences

Reading all this, I hope you have not started planning for next Diwali already

Ok, last but not the least, to conclude the event, we had pooja – without which Diwali is incomplete, food, sweets, gifts and dance before we got back home. I am re-living those moments happily.

The pooja setup

Moving ahead, as every effort counts, so we planned to appreciate the person who spent the maximum i.e. the maximum charity done by one KVRian and the team who helped us raise the maximum funds by their efforts.

Meet Charu – who spent maximum and enjoyed shopping so much!

Winner of who spent the maximum

Thank you Charu. We appreciate your contribution – dil se!

And here is our winning team – Anokhe Aflatoon for helping us raise maximum funds

Team members were:

  1. Poonam Sharda
  2. Nishant Khurana
  3. Gaurav Saini
  4. Sakshi Kakkar
  5. Mohit Soothwalia
  6. Bhavmeet Arora
Winning team

You did a commendable job Aflatoons! @Poonam Sharda – You were missed at that moment babes!

And here is my favorite capture of the event – the youngest guest of us:


the youngest guest

But the action is not complete yet, we will take you to the story about how we spent the raised fund of Rs. 28,980 among the needy children. So, keep watching this space to know more.

… to be continued

More links:

Watch the complete action in a short video here: https://youtu.be/SfeVZbHhaOc

Checkout some more images in our Facebook Album!

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