SEOs and Webmasters need to be little more patient, as Google is not releasing the updated Penguin algorithm this year.

Penguin Update


A few days back, we updated you about the upcoming Penguin update that was to be released by the end of this year. However, there’s some change in the Google schedule. The Winter breaks has affected the release of the new Penguin update. But, Google recently reported that the update won’t be released until next year.

A Google spokesperson told, “With the holidays upon us, it looks like the penguins won’t march until next year.”

The next Penguin update is said to be real-time, which means that as soon as Google finds the links to your site, be they are bad or good, the Penguin algorithm will analyze those links in real time, and ranking changes should happen in almost real time.

The last official Penguin update, Penguin 3.0 happened on October 17, 2014.  Penguin will update continuously, in contradiction to SEOs and webmasters having to wait months or even years for Google to update it.

Hence, keep some more patience till the update releases in the upcoming year!!!

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