Most of the web content that we see on the internet is based on HTML and its current version HTML5. This new version gives developers more freedom to develop websites that are more user-friendly and visually appealing to the users. Adobe Flash surely allows the developers to display rich and interactive content like audio, video and SVG but is it getting some stiff competition from HTML5. So what is so special about HTML5 that lures in many developers to create structured documents? Let’s have a look at some of the major new elements and attributes in HTML5 that benefit developers and internet users.


1)      Canvas element

The canvas element can be used for making graphs, game graphics or many other visual images on the go. All this is done without the help of any plug-ins, you just have to let loose your imagination.

2)      Video element

Before HTML5 embedding of videos was impossible without the use of third-party plugins like Apple QuickTime or Adobe Flash. But now with HTML5 the developers can show videos online.

3)      Geolocation

HTML5 has an all new geolocation feature that pinpoints user’s current location which helps in gaining information about behavior of internet users. This feature is apparently more reliable than knowing the user’s location with the help of IP address detection.

4)      Offline web applications

This application allows the user to interact with web applications and documents even when no network connection is available. For example, the user can access emails locally without any internet connection.

Apart from all this, HTML5 is fully supported by all the web browsers like Firefox, Chrome 5.0, IE 8.0, Opera 10.5 and Safari 4.0. Elements like cross document messaging, WYSIWYG editable elements, style laden HTML5, video element, audio, offline web applications and canvas based support are supported by all these browsers. While HTML5 form features and Inline SVG in HTML5 is only supported by Chrome and Firefox respectively.

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