SEO experts are in a constant demand today. There is a wide range of client-base looking for SEO services. Since, there are many SEO services that one can offer, running your own website is yet the most profitable idea. With the range of clients out there, you can get for various SEO expertise, but finding the lucrative one can be a task. Listed below are a few potential career roles for an SEO expert.


SEO teaching

It requires a lot of time and effort to gather knowledge about SEO. And since it is not a daily routine for you, you can tend to lose touch and not remain up-to-date with the constant updates in regard to SEO. So, there is a great demand for SEO teachers. Companies are ready to pay good money to SEO teachers, who can help their in-house team to remain informed with the latest in SEO.

SEO Consultancy

Unlike an SEO teacher, SEO consultant not only teaches, but also provides clear instruction for in-house team to follow. Most SEO consultants work with website builders, and offer strategic guidance to focus on keyword combinations, requirements to pages, guidelines and copywriters etc.

SEO service

Companies rely heavily on search traffic for their websites. Their own teams can manage day-to-day SEO tasks, but when it comes to certain challenging tasks, companies tend to outsource the work to experts. This is done, in case of an elaborate keyword research is required for obtaining marketing information. Through an elaborate keyword research, SEO experts can know about the volume trends, customer information and competition etc. SEO experts use various expensive keyword research tools for the same, and make good money.

SEO business and company revenue share

Like we said in the beginning, starting your own SEO business and running your own website is a great idea. Be smart SEO expert and charge clients on initial fees or revenue percentage, it’s better than a fixed fee.

SEO consumes a lot of time and can be very expensive for companies if they wish to do it all by themselves. So, business owners do not mind sharing revenue with SEO firms.

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