Top 5 WordPress Chatbot Plugins to Choose From

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Here is a list of some powerful WordPress Chatbot plugins to facilitate your customer support and boost engagement.

WordPress Chatbot Plugins

Is your website equipped with a live chat feature?

If not, it means you are missing out a huge opportunity to provide instant customer support. And providing instant customer support means getting a competitive edge.

Not surprisingly, such Live Chat features are a part of automated messaging services and the ‘voices’ behind them are commonly known as chatbots. Chatbots are a piece of AI and can’t replace the entire range of human communication but yes, they make the user experience more personalized and ensure 24 hours service. 

With this feature, a customer can get her/his query resolved as soon as they type it, instead of relying on a slow and frustrating process of sending emails or making a call to rep. Besides providing customer support, they can be useful in making product recommendations and involving customers through campaigns. This way, a chatbot feature not only improves user experience but also helps business drive sales and up their user engagement.

Luckily, there are hundreds of chatbot plugins available for WordPress websites – commonly used platform.

Here we have handpicked best 5 of them.

1. My-Chatbot:

My ChatBot

My-Chatbot is one of the best chatbots to make conversation looks engaging and “real” as possible. It lets you create your own branded chatbot. You can display rich message content. It supports quick replies and image messages. It’s a lightweight and quick as it is powered by the Dialogflow Agent API to process queries. The chatbot overlay can be displayed on specific posts. The chatbot comes with an in-built template system and a range of extensible WP filters and action hooks. You can choose from a wide range of colors for backgrounds and fonts and custom texts.

2. Acobot Lead Generation AI Chatbot:

AI Chat Box

This is a great plugin if you are looking to boost your sales, generate leads and decrease your bounce rate. Supported by conversational AI, it greets customers, answers to their queries and prompts them to provide their email ID or phone number. This plugin also encourages users to sign up and place an order. Acobat reduces the necessity of a separate search plugin, thanks to its search and navigation feature.

3. WPBOT Chatbot:

WPBOT Chatbot

Developed by Quantum Cloud and powered by Dialogflow, WPBOT Chatbot works as a helpdesk or floating contact form. It works in all languages and can showcase your products and FAQs as well. This chatbot is easy to use and provides some really useful features for websites of all sizes.

4. WP-CHATBOT by Mobile Monkey:

WP-CHATBOT by Mobile Monkey

This 5-star rated plugin comes with multiple features to ensure great user experience and engagements as well. It lets customers interact or communicate with your business via their Facebook Messenger. The chat history will be saved while chat can be continued at any time using Messenger. This superb plug is easy to install with a quick set up.

One of its striking benefits is that it can be “colored” to match your brand. Plus, you can set it at any preferred language.

5. Live Chat with Facebook Messenger:

Another useful plugin to let your customers chat via their Facebook Messenger!

Live Chat with Facebook Messenger

With this plugin, you will get immediate notifications as soon as new message comes in. There are unlimited colors to choose from while the buttons or icons will look responsive on any devices.  And guess what—it is compatible with Woocommerce, making it useful for your customers when it comes to exploring more about the product.

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So these are the best chatbot plugins for your WordPress website.

What do you think? Do you think we have skipped your favorite one? Let us know by commenting below.

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