Writing has never been everybody’s cup of tea. Very few writers are able to link the content effectively and clearly to the target audience. And when it comes to writing an ideal heading for the content the job becomes tricky. Heading plays a vital role in all type of medias whether its print media or electronic media or online media. Any story just can’t stay alive without an appealing and magnetic heading. The role of heading is just like an appetizer on the long French menu. Its taste lasts even after having a dessert.

Online media is in vogue and writing ideal headings for the web content is a crafty job. Heading plays a vital role in turning the net surfers into readers. There are hardly 20% readers who read the entire story and rest of the people just go through the headline only and if they don’t find it pretty interesting they just skip the page. So to grab the attention of the reader lots of work needs to be done on titles.

Here are some of the points that should be kept in mind while writing a heading and they are:

  • The first and foremost thing is that heading should be search engine friendly. Use of active, strong and information-carrying words helps search engines find your page easily.
  • Use catchy heading as an invitation to invite more and more visitors to your web content.
  • Heading should be informative and should give the impression of the entire story to raise curiosity.
  • Use of interrogative words like what, why, how and numbers like 6 ways to, 6 things to, makes great headline.
  • Heading should be useful and unique.
  • Always avoid misleading, fake and deceptive headings. Fake or deceptive headings can make readers feel cheated and you might lose your readers forever!
  • Heading should be brain dead easy that incites even a sleeping mind while going through your heading.

Undoubtedly heading is the first and most important step to grab reader’s attention for a while but we cannot overlook the importance of a good content. Ultimately content is the King that caters the basic need of information of the audiences or readers.

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