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In the seamless ocean of blogsphere you’ll find many a tips for increasing your blog’s authority and readership. But only a few tips are legitimate and can help you in increasing traffic to your website/blog. Here are some of the most wanted blogging guidelines that can help you in the long run.

1)      Content formation

This is very important part of your blogging career, as you need to produce content that appeals to the readers. You should use clear and informative sentences written in a very informal style, revolving around a certain idea. Subtitles should be used wherever possible and to get readers involved, one should always structure the content in such a way that it derives curiosity. A good practice to make your article well cited is by giving links to authoritative websites for key points.

2)      Search Engine Optimization

To derive organic traffic to your website, the best way is to get traffic from Google and other search engines by following good SEO strategies. The best way is to use Meta title tags which has important keywords and describes the content precisely. For beginners, it is recommended to write guest posts on authoritative sites to raise your blog’s authority. Another important tip is to get your Google Authorship done correctly.

3)      Technicalities

Your website should always be functioning smoothly without any hitches and a good technical programmer should always be there to solve any glitches in the design, plugins or updates. Other than that, you should always make it a point to make it easy for the visitors to leave comments.

4)      Layout

The layout of your website should be simple and attractive with minimal distractions. The placement of ads and other elements should be done very tactically so that it doesn’t irritate the readers. The font size, images and post header placement play a pivotal role in your blogging success.

5)      Social media marketing

Use tools like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Reditt to get your articles viral by building a community. Guest posts, commenting and promoting blog via email signature is also a good idea.


Blogging is a very creative field, so the best way is to come up with something new that will attract the readers and keep them interested in your blog.

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