Started with a new business or running it from long time, there are little things which force you to knock your developer’s now and then….isn’t it???

Undoubtedly, there are some jobs which you need to leave over to the programmers and coder. But, there are some skills which require fewer efforts and can significantly make you less dependent on the developers. Read on the 3 skills listed below and get your work done a little quicker.

  1. HTML & CSS Coding for Basic Forms:

Whether you are a beginner or an HTML buff, if you know how to create or edit HTML forms and can manage a little with CSS, it will help you greatly. You can spend some time with a coder or go for a few HTML courses.

Secondly, you can use cheat sheets for creating various types of fields and buttons. It will be helpful in transforming your marketing efforts from ideation to completion, with a little input of a developer.

  1. Google Tag Manager:

It is something which makes the lives of entrepreneurs or the non-coders much easier. It significantly limits the amount of effort for tracking and optimization tools for your websites.

Haven’t studied much Google Tag Manager? Then start it now! With it you can add, remove, and manage website tracking tags, that too without editing the code directly. And even if you’re a fresher to this, initiate with the migrating your tags and try to track the logic behind the data layer. You can try your hands on Auto-Event Variable too!

  1. Quality Assurance Testing:

Whenever you’re launching a new feature or updating a form or about to start for a large sale online, you have to prepare like a quality assurance specialist. Thus, you need to test the work before it goes live. Some web-based tools like Browser Stack and many other will assist you to create a virtual machine and simulate how your site appears in different browsers and operating systems.

Testing the changes and troubleshooting in various browsers will let you discover something you need to get fix quickly. So, now you don’t need to rely greatly on the quality assurance team. Just make sure you remember the website demographic while testing it.

Next, the load testing is also important while preparing for a large event as it leads to an unusual spike in traffic and number of activities on your website. You can configure some free performance testing tools for simulating an estimated number of users and the length of time. Moreover, these tests alert you about the technical updates, required prior to your event to handle the increase in traffic.

For sure, these ideas demands to go a little beyond your comfort zone, but learning something new will be advantageous to your business!

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