They are known to be created specifically to rank higher for specific search queries. At times, they lead you to intermediate ‘false’ destinations…

Yes, you guessed it right! These are ‘Doorway pages’.


Generally, the motive behind these doorway pages is to maximize the search footprints. Creating internal page on their existing web site or externally on the web, resulting to similar destination, the goal is to rank higher in multiple search results.

But, no more it will work. To reduce the impact of web spam on users, Google is all set to update its search quality with ‘Doorway Page Update’. Here is a sneak peek at the solutions to play safe with the Google’s “ranking adjustment” to deal with doorway pages:

  1. Say ‘NO’ to empty pages

If you have some empty pages, then make sure to remove them, before it gets too late. Searching for some alternate to file new pages is of no use, until you have appropriate and unique content for them.

  1. Escape from hard-to-find pages

The ‘forcefully’ integrated pages into your site navigation can now be a big problem to you. Google doesn’t like those specifically designed pages, which drive traffic to your website. Thus, it would be better to let them search you. Avoiding those difficult or impossible to find pages is the right choice now. So, get set to clean up your site navigation.

  1. The client responses

A number of pages such as reviews, check-ins, blogs, and galleries, rely on the customers for content. The website holder need to understand the importance of being active and that too on regular basis. If you lack adequate, exclusive and authentic content, put the idea of integrating such pages on hold.

  1. No more ‘plagiarized’ content

It is well known to the digital marketers, that ‘duplicate content’ is hazardous for them. But, with this latest update the impact seems to raise up to the pages with repetitive. For example, if you have the same content focused on a particular location, targeting different keywords on more than one page, it’s time to remove them. Along this, it is advisable to refine the pages with customer generated content, so that the content appears only on one page.

  1. Multiple Sites can be unsafe

For those running more than one site, its Google warning! But, if you still continue with numerous websites, make sure to justify the need of having separate domain and content on one site. Having similar contact number or link to reach you, on different domains is no more a safe option.

At the end, there are no evidences for the release of this new algorithm, yet it is said to influence these pages considerably. Google make it clear that it no more need to rank doorway pages in their search results. So, be ready!

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