Since the origin of Internet and invention of computers we have encountered enormous number of latest technologies and devices to make this world a small place for us to be omnipresent.

First Computers then laptops and now mobile phones… Internet accessibility has been improving day by day.

Similarly, website designing is facing evolution.

We see more and more people are using their mobile phones to access Internet. Consequently it gets vital for the website owner to make their website a Mobile friendly Website!

Today the meaning of a truly professional website is also changing gradually, a website which is compatible to both computer screen and mobile screen will soon be called 100% professional website.

It is advised to those who are going in for new website or want to make changes in the present designing to opt for mobile friendly website design than normal website.

Though, mobile website designing will add little more expenditure to your website designing budget but take my word it is worth.

According to Sushma Bhat, A mobile site version is ideal when people users are accessing information on the move. Some areas where these most helpful are

• Corporate websites

• Ecommerce

• Store/Dealer Locations

• Online Bookings

• Events Calendar

• Contact Forms

• Google Map Location plotting

• Directories

• Classifieds

• Messaging Sites

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