In today’s competitive online world, every entrepreneur want to own a website that brings success to his business. And it is not as simple as it appears to be! It is not an overnight process, lots of hard work and research is required for developing an attractive website. In order to gain maximum revenue from a website, it is essential to create an eye catchy and user friendly website.

PHP is a server side scripting language which has become a popular selection for website development worldwide. So, whether its web application, enterprise application, intranet, web development, dynamic website development, social networking sites or any others, PHP is nowadays used as the most powerful programming language. Listed below are the latest trends of PHP in the form of frameworks which the web developers use for designing and developing astounding websites.

  • Zend Framework: This framework is one of the most important PHP framework used for modern high performing PHP applications. Its robust features are ideal for developing websites and applications for corporate world.
  • Laravel: It is an incredible PHP framework for the web artisans. It is used for developing large enterprise applications, write powerful controllers, simple JSON APIs, slim restful routes, etc.
  • CodeIgniter: Another powerful PHP framework that features small footprint, widely used by the developers to design simple and full-featured web applications. A proven and open PHP framework, CodeIgniter is capable of powering the next generation of web applications.
  • Symfony: It is a common yet very useful PHP framework for web projects of all types. Generally preferred for its high speed it is used for creating and maintaining a number of web applications.
  • Yii: It reduces the time for developing with its striking features like MVC, caching, DAO/Active Record, I18N/L10N, scaffolding, testing, authentication and role based access control.
  • Webasyst: It is one of the renowned open-source PHP framework preferably used for development of slim multi-user web applications and complex websites. It is more focused and hence, developers prefer it over Symfony and Zend to carry out the development process quickly and efficiently.

The aforementioned are some of the popular PHP frameworks used by the web developers today for creating noteworthy and admirable web applications.

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