If you might have noticed the Google Analytics account that shows all the search analytics for your websites has a new element added to it. Under the keywords search analytics data in the Google Analytics account there is “(not provided)” result right on top of the keywords data that has raised some eyebrows among the SEO experts.

This exact result shows you the number of search phrases that were pondered upon by the users but can’t be shown because of the “secured search” that the user had for the keywords. Since this new element has been added to Google Analytics, the number of searches falling under “(not provided)” option has increased for most user accounts from 2-3% to 10-20% in just 2 months. But more surprisingly Google has started encrypting the keywords from its services like Google+ or Gmail, which by the way has not been opted by the user. In a way this means Google might be doing it to make money from the research data that it’s not making available for search analytics data.

Now the question arises that is this right or not? Definitely it is not that easy to answer, but hey, it’s Google’s service and they are already providing enough data so in a way they can do whatever they want to.

On the other hand if you are wondering that can the data be decrypted by using tracking scripts, then let me tell you that it can’t be done. The only way out is to click the “(not provided)” link and get the landing pages information to get some idea of the search keywords.

Via: Dollarshower

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