Proactive assimilation of IT services with asset management can help an organization greatly. Here are 8 ways how:

1. Reduction in Asset Loss

Integration of IT services with asset management solution helps the management of an organization in tacking the exact asset detail, its use and what it is being used for. By having the right count of assets present in your organization you can help in minimizing asset theft or loss. With this, employees can focus their attention to other more important priorities.

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2. Reducing Local Stocks and Elimination of Unwanted Purchases
Lack of trust in the responsiveness of the IT support system forces management to purchase additional equipments which only remain unused. Instead, a centralized IT inventory management allows the existing assets to be reused. This helps in reducing unwanted expenditures.

3. Less Number of Suppliers

By using Apixel IT Support solution, you can reduce the number of suppliers you have to deal with. It also helps in reducing the expenses incurred in dealing with volume contracts from various dealers. You can make better use of corporate purchasing agreements.

4. Hold over Different Types of Configurations

With use of IT services with asset management, you are better able to track and record physical assets and their configuration. It helps in managing complexity in the system as the data generated is better structured and stored in a more accessible manner.

5. Prediction of Component Failuresit solution company in Singapore

With integration of IT services, tracking asset performance metrics and characteristics become much easier. It assists an organization to schedule preventive maintenance activities. This helps in reduction of chances of unplanned failure in future. This will only help in improving level of service delivered by an organization.

6. Arresting the Risk Connected With Data Loss

There may be chances of potentially valuable or damaging data lost along with some redundant software to trash box. Therefore, decommissioning process should be properly reviewed and analyzed before discarding data. Using Apixel IT Support solution can help in the process.

7. IT Asset Life Extension

If managed properly, potentially every part of the IT infrastructure can be re-used in an alternative role. For instance file servers can be used as departmental hubs. A proper strategy can help you extend the life of IT assets.

8. Reduction in Confusion

Asset configurations change with time and hence a centralized repository must be kept updated with the recent advances in the field. In the absence of timely system updates, different kinds of issues may crop up over time. Simple employment of centralized repository may not be adequate, and yet it is considered a prime condition before necessary changes are introduced in the system.



This post is written by Apixel IT Support- an IT Service company with over 5 years of experience in asset management. Through its consultancy service in Singapore, it has helped a number of organizations to update their asset management and integrate it with sophisticated IT Support.

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