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With change in technology, there has been a paradigm change in the approach of doing business and in process of business development. With technological shift, sales and marketing has become easier than ever before and strategic business development ideas have made competition take a back seat. Business development is a new phenomenon for sales representative and accounts executive, but it has been an integral part of recruiting and staffing professionals since time immemorial.

How technology has changed process of business development?

With change in technology, business development has become a large tool for success of an organization. Business development is a great tool for developing candidate and client relationship for successful business flow. As a process of business development recruiters and client assistants are pinging clients with greetings, personalized messages consistently over various platforms instead of disturbing them every time over phone (like it was done until a few years back).

Business development for better results

Business development plans can be practiced for better results in the following manner:

  • By identifying the most valuable clients and prospective clients
  • Chalking out strategies on a monthly basis to connect with all valuable clients
  • Learning as much possible about each on both personal and profession front
  • And finally enjoying business development

Enhancing Business development

Business development seems a tough nut to crack, but it is easier to practice. When starting off, the best way is to create simple plans and go ahead one stride at a time. As discussed, begin by identifying your valuable clients and then plan what kind of and how much of contact you can have with each one of them on monthly basis.

Using social media for business development

Social media is the best and cheapest platform to connect with your clients. Connect with all the clients over social media networks especially via LinkedIn and Facebook. While LinkedIn is most powerful platform for building business contacts, Facebook is a social platform where just about everyone is pretty active, so it’s a good place to build personal relations with clients.

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