All internet marketers understand shabby on-page optimization doesn’t do any good for the website. On-page optimization should have a concrete foundation and strategy and it must be followed at all cost. For all new and semi-experienced SEOs, we have here listed a few on-site optimization strategies to help them do their on-page optimization the correct way.

handwritten SEO flow chart

  • Review the site for broken links

Before anything else, marketers’ must review their website for any broken links (404 links) or any temporary redirects (302′s) and have them redirected to appropriate pages. All 302 pages must be redirected to 301s and the site should be made easy to access for both search engine crawlers and visitors.

  • Delete duplicate URLs

Use various available website analysis tools to ensure that your website has no duplicate URLs. Ensure that there is only one version for all URLs on the site, since search engines may penalize you for duplicate content.

  • Keyword Research

Search engine optimized keywords are words or phrases for the site’s content, which help visitor find the website through search engines. So, the list of keywords to be used for SEO is the first and foremost task.  Experts should include relevant keywords in various prominent areas on the website. Keywords (including phrases) are used in titles, body text, URLs, Meta tag, Meta description and in the image files. In title tags the new approach is to create descriptive title tags, which read more like a sentence. And SEO experts should emphasize on writing Meta description, even though it is not calculated in search engine rankings, it does help searchers to understand what’s on the website page.

  • Page load time

It is long understood that Google takes into consideration the site speed while showing search results. So, it’s advisable to check your website’s load time on Google Page Insight tool and make all necessary changes to minimize the page load time.

  • Social media

Another important thing to keep in mind is the Social Media. It’s the new big thing and as a marketer you need to cash on it. Sign up on all the major social media networks and place social media icons on the site. This provides visitors an additional creditability of the website.

These are a few ways that you can implement SEO on your website like a pro. So, work on these critical areas and reap the benefits.