It seems like Google, for the first time, is proactively encouraging businesses to keep their Google Knowledge Graph profile up-to-date for better visibility.

Google Knowledge Graph Update


If you see an alert asking you to edit your information while signing in to your Google account, which is associated with a Google My Business page, don’t get worried!! It is kind of a reminder from Google to update your profile information to improve your visibility in the Google Knowledge Graph.

Google Alert

Dan Leveille, SEJ Reader found that Google is encouraging the searchers to keep their business information up-to-date.

In addition to this, Google has also revealed its criteria about how it considers businesses to get enlisted in the Google Knowledge Graph officially.

To update your Knowledge Graph card, follow these steps:

  • Register online on any medium, such as Google+, YouTube, etc. representing your business in the Knowledge Graph card.
  • Ensure that the medium you choose for marking your online presence is included in the Knowledge Graph card.
  • Stay signed in to your Google account associated with your online presence.

After you’re done with the suggested changes, Google will review your updated information and only after confirming the accuracy of the changes made, it will update the Knowledge Graph card.

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