Google officially confirmed a new but an effective update on Google+ earlier today. And it’s about a new weather widget. Google’s new weather widget is optimized for tablets (both IOS and Android). Just type weather in Google search on your tablet and weather widget will display weather forecast of your current location and can even check weather forecast of any city by adding city’s name or ZIP code to your search. This new tablet-optimized weather widget even displays hourly and ten-day forecast for temperature, precipitation, humidity and wind speed/direction.

Google, earlier this year, launched a similar weather widget for iPhone and Android phones but the features were restricted to a three or five day forecast based on the screen size of the user’s device. This new desktop widget beats this previous version and is more interactive too.

It seems that this new tablet-optimized weather widget carry some elements from Android’s new Google Now feature. Google Now automatically learns from user’s search behavior and other related pattern to display relevant weather data, upcoming calendar appointments, scores for sports teams searched for, traffic conditions for daily commute and many more.

So it’s nice and safe to take a weather check with this new tablet optimized weather widget before stepping out.

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