John Mueller announced that there’s no loss in the link authority when moving from HTTP to HTTPS. This means that if a site supports both HTTP and HTTPS protocols, they will use the HTTPS one in the search results.

John Mueller Announcement

Earlier this month Google announced that it’ll index the HTTPS pages even if their equivalent HTTP pages exist. And now the big news comes regarding no loss in the authority of HTTP to HTTPS transformed pages. With this into effect, there’ll be no loss of ranking for such web pages.

After several speculations and assumptions, it is now clear that there would be no loss of link authority due to the inbound links to HTTP pages no longer being counted.

Now, Google will count collective signals from inbound links from both the HTTP and HTTPS versions of any page. Plus, this will be done automatically, hence there’s no need to worry about redirects.

With this, now webmasters can easily move to HTTPS without worrying about loss of link signals. Moreover, they may even get a rankings boost from it in the process.

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