Blog Letters Means Internet Blogging On Websites

Most of you must have started with a blog merely for two reasons, eyeballs and traffic. Isn’t it???

Now it’s high time to switch this passion into a serious business, i.e. conversion of the traffic into sales. You need to learn the art and science of turning the blog visitors into leads and sales. This is generally termed as “Conversion Rate Optimization” or “CRO. And, here lies the real secret of making money from your blog, leaving behind the old chase of the blog traffic.

The three basics of improving CRO:

Credibility: It is of great importance for you to create a credibility factor which is visible to the first time visitor. For enhancing the customer’s trust, you can proceed with the following:

  • Add some great testimonials from the happy clients or a video would be preferred
  • Include some case studies that reflect the advantage of using your products and services
  • Make sure you add some social proves. You can include the number of shares of your content and aggregate number of followers on other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Design: A great website and blog design is something very important to own in this business world. The word, ‘design’ may appears a simple word but it forms the basis of every successful site or an application. So, make sure to consider the following while you design a blog

  • Use bullet points and a well structured text instead of the big blocks of text, which make reading difficult
  • Well designed landing pages on the blog and website for every product or service being offered, with a clear call to action works ideally
  • Make use of images or short clear videos to communicate the message clearly


Calls to action: Don’t forget to add a ‘call to action’ in your blog. Make sure to ask for a subscription (through email address or any other way) and keep the following in mind:

  •   One or two clear calls to action are enough
  •   Never ask for the sales right away.
  •   Provide information and content such that its builds trust.
  •   Exit pop-ups will work well to capture that vital email
  •   The information to be ask should be as simple as a name and email address

At the end, remember that conversion optimization is a never ending process. So, keep on testing and optimizing!

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