Flashback 2016: Treasuring Memories To Step Ahead!

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The year 2016 had been of its own kind. While it brought forth different new challenges and experiences for the KVRians, it left with bundle of memories to cherish. Have a look.


Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.                                  ~Oprah Winfrey


2017 has arrived with a bang, and seriously, 2016 deserves a BIG THANKS for making us ride on the roads of success. It had been a year full of experiments, challenges, achievements and lots more. Gazing back, there is a lot to learn and remember. Here’s a sneak peek into summate of 2016…

Being Fitness Freak….

A healthy body is home to healthy and productive mind. And a productive mind forms an indispensable part of every success story. Having fitness projection in the work culture, the aim was to add strength, stamina and speed.

True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.

                ~Wilhelm von Humboldt

· It has to be in routine!

Benefits are endless; it exercises the eyes, refreshes your mind, opens the lungs, strengthen your bones, and many more. And thus, it has to be a part of your workaday.

Daily Exercise incorporated by KVR Webtech

· Make it big!

Life is a series of competitions. Why not compete for a good health? Higher your self-esteem is better you perform and more you’ll accomplish.

Fitness Freak KVRians

Being Eventful…

Believe in every moment and every event of your life. Reason being, it simply plants something in your soul and mind.
Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.                                                                                      ~ Michael Jordan

· ‘Scrabble’ your mind!

It is not always about the body, but your mind too needs some exercise. The ingenious will definitely find out a way to win.

Scrabble Competition

· Power Game!

Power defines hard work and happiness, altogether. Gather the strength from distress, smile more and grow brave by reflection.

Arm Wrestling League 2016- KVR Webtech

· Surprises are always good!

Treasure more friendship, appreciation, and messages, why? When you open the box, it leaves you with a broad smile, better morale, and sometimes – ‘happy’ tears.

Being KVRians…

Your work forms the major part of your life. Hence, the only way to lead is to believe in you and go for great work.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.  ~Winston Churchill

· Teamwork matters!

As said that there are no secrets to success, it is basically all about the preparation, hard work, and above all, lessons learnt from the failure, which results into the formation of BEST team. 2016 simply taught that sometimes it is by losing a battle that you are able to find a new way to win the war. The courage, experience, and lively-spirit of a wonderful team lead to perfection.

Don’t forget the mistakes, but also don’t dwell on it. Let the hurdles be a stepping stone to endless triumph.

· New pursuit, new scope!

For being creative, it is essential to add on new course of exposure and development. Hence, to catch up with the pace of world, transiting from bigger screens to smaller ones, adding a new face is no less than an opportunity. It imparts vivacity and novelty, altogether.

Being Festive…

Without a doubt, festivals promote diversity and improve general psychological well-being. What more? They increase creativity and offer opportunities to celebrate togetherness.

· Colorful Holi!

Do you think you know what is so special about colors? You really not, if you haven’t experience painting yet! With a sense of sight, catch colors of food and love, and say “Happy Holi”.

Colorful Celebration

· Blissful Eid!

Respecting ‘Islam’ and celebrating Eid to cherish peace and love encourages brotherhood undoubtedly.

· Religious Diwali!

It is fun time and offers a welcome break from the stress. Going religious, lightens the soul and allows the life to lightly dance on the edges of time.

Diwali Celebration

Being Indian…

It is obvious to be in love with your motherland.

“I am an Indian, and I am proud it…”

And it is not only the love for the country, but also for the countrymen too. Incorporating advanced technology features, it is possible to reach the nation lovers, isn’t it? Live feature of Facebook was another way to express the love for country.

Proud Indians


Being explorer…

Life would get rather dull if there is nothing left to explore, wouldn’t it?
“An enterprise that is constantly exploring new horizons is likely to have a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent.”                                                                                                ~ Gary Hamel

· Mandli!

It is mandatory to be involved in the process of self-discovery. Helping someone simply makes you a better person. Hence, when it is about trying to make your life perfect, expand your horizons and make it an adventure with the like-minded people.

· Deadly KVRians!

Living in a wonderful world, full of beauty, charm and adventure, there is no end to the adventures. It is just that you have to kick-start for a new ride.

Deadly KVRians

With so much of learning and fun in 2016, the New Year 2017, stands before like a chapter in a book, which is waiting to be written. And KVRians are well set to write the astounding story by setting goals and working smart together. It is the belief in pushing ourselves which help making and trying new things, and more importantly, doing everything right.

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