Facebook has reported it’s expanding live video to all US iPhone users. The features of Live video streaming capabilities permit all the Facebook clients to share recordings live on the social networking sites. The company was testing a few live video calls with some US iPhone clients. And, soon it is expected that features can modify in the future for the betterment.

Facebook Expands Live Video to All US iPhone Users

Live Video: A Game Changer

During the end of the last year 2015, Facebook acquainted the live video options with all iPhone clients. It’s a substitute thing to Periscope that gives the capacity to record and share video among followers as well as friends. It can be a game changer of Facebook in coming years.

Live Video Sustains on Facebook

Presently, more number of people are using Facebook app without any botheration. And, soon FB android app will be introduced. The live video experience on Facebook is a great deal like what you might be acquainted with an option such as Periscope. But, when comes to privacy, it differs. Anybody can hop in and watch a Periscope feed, for instance, you can restrict the crowd of live video sustains on Facebook.

With Whom Live Videos can be Shared…

To share the video, broadcasters have an option to share it among friends, collaborators, customized groups of friends, or the total of Facebook if they wish. Also, the broadcast will live everlastingly on Facebook, unless you delete on your own.

In the end, You can try with the new qualities of live video yourself by overhauling your iPhone’s Facebook application to the most recent performance. Soon, the live video will be made accessible worldwide over the coming weeks.

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