Many uninformed social media marketing professionals and business owners actually consider Google+ to be the ugly stepchild of the much famous social media giants, Twitter and Facebook. Though Google+ is relatively a new player in the game, it is constantly evolving with its many unique features and more imperative SEO capabilities that certainly cannot be ignored.

In fact, if your business has about 100 active followers on your Google+ page, your Google search engine results positions will automatically improve by 14 spots.

Read along to know other reasons why you should not ignore Google Plus (the pet project of internet search giant, I repeat):

1.    Correlation to Higher Rankings

The search marketing tool vendor Moz’s biannual rankings factors report revealed a very striking relation between higher search rankings and the Google +1s.

Though according to Google there is no relation between the two, some still speculate that sharing of content on their Google+ page has a casual relationship with higher Google rankings.

Google+ Ranking Factor by Moz

Do keep in mind that Google in the business of providing ‘relevant’ results to people and it would never want to disclose if it’s indirectly compelling small time internet companies to use Google Plus.

2.    Shared Links Pass Authority

In contrast to many social networking platforms, Google+ proceeds with the link authority via some of the link posts.

When you share a link into the text of your post in Google+the link carries a “nofollow” element.

 Google+ Link Sharing Ability

This is done in order to combat various forms of spam. Believe it or not –many small and large networks like Google Plus (at least in terms of features) will follow the trend in years to come.

3.    Quick Discovery of New Content

Many Google’s search crawlers make use of Google+ as their ultimate source for fresh content. The bots are known to scan the entire content on Google+ within minutes once it has been shared.

Google+ Content Optimization

This is very useful forwebsites that are suffering from a low crawl rate, where sharing their content on Google+ will act as their discovery vehicle in order to quickly jumpstart with the very indexation of their fresh content.

4.    Content Authorship

Individuals and business owners who have an active Google+ profile can easily claim their authorship over online content. This is one very important feature for all major content companies for developing their overall effective content marketing strategies.

Google+ Authorship Program

The content is linked via Google+ Authorship not only helps in establishing credibilityand increased content reach, but is also useful in improving search engine rankings.

5.    Brand Billboard in Search Results

Google+ Providing Relevant Results

When adequate searches are being made to gain insight about any brand, additional information can then be displayed in theunique Knowledge Graph. These are typically known to display the brand logo of the respective brand, information about the company along with its recent posts from its Google+ page. These Knowledge Graphsare not only engaging, but they also provide an opportunity to many e-commerce sites to easily expand the frequency of their company’s search results.

6.    Flexibility

Google+ Post Sharing Options

Whether you wish to filter your posts specifically for your circles, or you wish to host Google Hangouts, Google+ offers you this flexibility that many big social networking giants and other such platforms do not. By exploring these features you can get an opportunity of building your brand’s presence in a form that is certainly going to be unique from many others.

7.    Fuel For You Tube

 YouTube Relevancy with Google+

Google has revealed that all your YouTube comments will now be fueled via Google+. Therefore any company that is heavily embedded in the YouTube community will not be able to promote for long termin the absence of the Google+ platform.

So, do yourself a favor and create a Google Plus page for each one of your websites. Even if you do not have a rock solid Google Plus promotion strategy in place, you should still try and post out all of the new content (to begin with).

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