Are you concerned about the poor domain authority of your website/blog? Are you looking for ways to improve it and rank on the top of the search? Probably, you aren’t alone. Read on to know more about Domain Authority and how to make best use of this technique.

5 Ultimate Tips to Improve the Domain Authority of Your Website and Blog

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If you are an active online marketer, you must have come across a term, “Domain Authority”. Promoters often use domain authority to discover good blogs and websites. As you know Google is removing toolbar PageRank, it means DA would be more important for marketers in upcoming time.

Developed by Moz, Domain Authority (DA) is a website metric and is one of the most important considerations for SEOs. If any website enjoys a domain authority score of 30 or more, it is more likely to attract better offers from advertisers as compared to sites with low domain authority score.

So, now you want to learn the secret of improving your DA?? Continue to read to get your answer.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a logarithmic score (ranging from 0-100), which foretells how well a domain or a web page will rank in the search engine results. There are a number of factors which decides the DA of any domain including Moz Rank, Moz Trust, linking root domains, social signals, total backlink profile, site loading time, user experience, traffic, etc.

While it is easier to score a DA of 30 from 20, getting it to 90 from 80 is tough. Authoritative sites such as Wikipedia, Google and Facebook itself enjoy the ultimate DA score of 100. However, this not at all means that domains with a DA from 50 to 90 are considered low-grade. It is simply a comparative value which means your website might see a downfall of DA if it is not efficient or does not hold the quality signals accurately.

How to Increase Your Domain Authority?

When it comes to having your search engine rankings high (Video SEO can help in getting top ranks), Domain authority plays a vital role. Having a good DA score can help you a lot if you are looking for more authority and better search ranking. In addition, with better DA score, you can get better monetization offers through paid posts.

So, if you want to increase your DA score, keep the following points in mind.

#1 Build Links for Your Website:

Nothing can have better impact on your DA score than having great links back to your website. The number of root domains linking to your website” is a major factor to boost your domain authority, try to get more and more sites linking to you.

There are lots of way to create backlinks to your website but if you can earn backlinks that would give more boost to your website DA. Create quality content that people love to link with. The more quality content you will create the more number of natural links you will earn. Quality content can include informative blog post, case studies, interviews and many more depends on your website niche.

#2 Ensure that Your Technical SEO is Effective

Ensuring all the technical aspects of SEO in place is absolutely crucial. Technical SEO lays the foundation of a DA-improvement effort.

Simply this means that you need to improve your overall SEO to improve your DA. This comprises of all the details that SEOs know including site structure, breadcrumbs, navigability, URL structure, heading tags, meta tags, word count, keywords, alt tags, and much more. So if you want your DA to be higher, make sure that your SEO is capable enough to maintain that equilibrium.

#3 Regularly Clean Your ‘Bad’ Backlinks

Cleaning your link profile on a regular basis is important. Get your toxic backlinks removed timely. Dig into your link profile, look for spammy links, and get rid of them. Do not wait for an algorithm penalty to slump you off for having a ‘good’ record of bad backlinks. Clean it now and continue to do it on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

#4 Develop Strong Internal Linking

Building high quality internal linking is something which is often ignored in the craze over “high quality backlinks”.

Internal linking helps you build a powerful network within your website, which aids both the user and the search engines crawling and indexing your website. While a website that lacks internal linking is like a collection of disconnected and weak pebbles, a site with strong internal linking is like interconnected and unbreakable concrete.

The more links you build internally, the greater you’re able to create a dense and powerful site network.

#5 Boost User Friendliness of Your Website:

If you want to attract users to your site, make your site a user friendly design interface. Make your website light and easily loadable; no one would visit a site that takes hours to load. Keep your website load time under 2-3 seconds or lesser. Do not fill in your site with over-popping ads. In addition, increase white space by cleaning the clutter from your site.


Besides following these points, you need to keep immense patience because “Rome was not built in a day”.

All thoughts are welcome in comment box.

40 thoughts on “5 Ultimate Tips to Improve the Domain Authority of Your Website

  1. Hello,

    As I am new in blogging and just started with some micro niche blogs and i have also been reading many articles about various topics, including domain authority.

    So, I have confusion in mind, I want to ask that, whether domain authority directly effects search ranking or not?

    If yes, then how can increase DA quickly and how much it will effect my rankings?

    Looking for quick Response.

    Shanaya Aggarwal

    • Hi Shanaya Aggarwal,

      Yes, Domain authority does affects search ranking as it shows how strong is your website as compared to others. The increase in DA of your website improves its chances to rank higher.

      There are several factors that affect the DA of any website and for that, you can read the above article.

      As far as the effect on your ranking is concerned, it depends on how much your website’s DA will be increased.


  2. Yes, I totally agree with your opinion. Excellent points you have mentioned now I can know how I can increase my Blog’s DA. You are unquestionably right. Domain Authority is an overall website’s SEO score. Many webmaster SEO people do more wrong than good to their domain by spending for cheap links on Tumblr and other freelance sites.

    In short, CONTENT IS KING, and then I would like to add an extension to that; TRAFFIC means royalty for the king. Smart SEO people and developers create a new site, produced high quality of content and distribute it into social medias, and after one week, their content went viral really fast, their sites have ranked up to #1 Google for Long Tail Keyword. Moreover, I think that having high-quality backlinks is the most important factor that makes a great impact on DA. Of course, there are loads of other factors that affect SEO; however, HQ backlinks are absolutely essential for a good DA level.

    Anyways, thank you very much! I bookmarked this post to be very valuable!

  3. great post on DA, but i want to know that if domain age affect or not?

    • Hi Paras,

      Yes, domain age affects the domain authority of the website only if the website contains the unique and high-quality content and good quality external backlinks.

  4. Hey,

    Nice blog. I am doing Internal linking and guest posting from a long time but still there is no good improvement. I believe MOZ has changed its algo , so getting DA is more tough now.

    What you think about same?

    • Hi Shivam,

      As I have explained in the blog post, creating backlinks are not the only factor to increase the Domain Authority. The domain age of the website, the quality of the backlinks, user friendliness of the website is also important factors.

      So, try to work on all the mentioned factors and keep on creating backlinks by sharing content on high authority websites.

  5. thanks, Varun Sharma. the article is very helpful for every website owner.

  6. These are truly very useful tips about increasing domain authority.

    Many people do not consider much about interlinking. However, it has a huge impact on DA, ranking and the overall growth of a blog. Along with linking the old articles at the time of publishing a new post, we must also update our old posts by linking the new ones that are getting published on the blog.

    Thank you for sharing these tips and discussing about them elaborately.
    And hey, the new design of the blog looks awesome. Congratulations bro

    • Hi Alena,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      I am glad you liked the article and design of the blog.

      Keep reading the blog to stay updated with digital marketing news and articles.

  7. pankaj saini

    Sir, it has been more than 1 year to my domain, but domain authority is less than 5. what should i do for improving my domain authority.

    • Hi Pankaj,

      The domain authority not only depends on the domain age. As you can read in the above article, to improve the domain authority you need to create high-quality backlinks, update your website with unique content, check your website for toxic backlinks and make sure it is properly optimized in SEO perspective.

  8. Alena Sham

    I am blogging from last 1 years and more and found that making trusted backlinks are most difficult task ever so thanks a lot for such a great list along with article

  9. Rakesh

    Your Writing Skills are Nice, easy to Understood.

    • hindi ganga

      Which is the best backlink analyze tool you will recommend to new users?

      • Hi,
        You can use SEMrush or Moz for backlinks analysis as I personally use these tools.

  10. David Nagy

    Great article. Thank you for your tips.

    • Thanks, keep reading our blog posts.

  11. pushpendra singh

    Great…!! that’s great advice good work, I read and also saw your every post, nice article very useful your post Thank you so much for sharing this and the information provide.

    • Keep reading our blog posts for more informative articles.

  12. salma

    I am new to this issue, but for me, it elucidated several questions. Congratulations on your knowledge on the subject. Thank you very much.

    • I am gald that you find my article usefull. Keep reading 🙂

  13. Nice blog. I am doing Internal linking and guest posting from a long time but still there is no good improvement. I believe MOZ has changed its algo , so getting DA is more tough now.

    What you think about same?

    • Hey,
      The website domain authority will improve if you make high authority backlinks, clean up the toxic links of your website, optimize your website for On page SEO, make your website user friendly and optimize its speed. All these factors collectively contribute in the improvement of the domain authority of the website. Same I have explained in the article as well.

  14. Maria

    Thanks a lot .Nice step you discussed in this blog. these all are true factors for getting good domain authority.
    This content on improving page author and domain authority is informative and filled with great tips ✨
    I’m glad to see that most of the techniques you mentioned in your post are also been implemented on my site 👌 . Once again thanks for putting out such content.

    • Hi Maria, I’m glad you like it. That’s great you found this article informative and you’re using these techniques in your website. Keep reading our blogs!!

  15. Sajol Fuad

    I liked no. 5 “Boost User Friendliness of Your Website” most.
    I am new and recently got Adsense..but Google is not showing up my site on search. I learnt that backlink can help…I have got a proper idea about domain authority from your post..

    Thank you dear…

    • Hey Sajol,

      I am glad you liked my article. Moreover, apart from backlinks, there are so many factors which help in improving the domain authority which I had explained in this article.


  16. Kartic Gill

    We have been in the Search Engine marketing industry for a while, but I always learn something new everyday. Thank you for putting a great explanation for DA. I was never sure how to explain DA to other people, but I have so much better picture now. Thank you.

    • Search Engine Marketing is all about learning new things every day. 🙂

  17. LEO JACK

    Domain Authority is really important. Better DA means better SERP. It depends lot of factors as you have mentioned and yes, we need to take care of all these things and get higher DA.
    Thanks for the informative post

  18. nextprotips

    thanks mate. i have a website. one of seo specialist told me my website have some negative seo which may decrease domain authority. can you please suggest me what to do?

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