Both the web developers and web designers are well-aware of the importance of producing high-quality work and that too in minimum time. In the competitive era today, these professionals have to face the ever-growing competition and challenges of the market.

However, there are number of tools and resources that significantly help you in delivering the work faster and in a more efficient and intelligent way. Check some of them here;

  1. Web Starter Kit: This amazing kit includes a set of high-quality tools and also comprises of a responsive layout, making your website act flawlessly on any device. Basically, it is a go-to starting point for those who need to set up multi-device websites. For documenting the website’s components, a visual design system can be used. Along this, you get access to a built-in HTTP server and can preview your site without help of any other tool. Live browser reloading is another added advantage of this amazing tool.


  1. ShrinkTheWeb: If you need a potent and cost effective platform for capturing screenshots, ShrinkTheWeb is an answer. Undoubtedly, the webpage images have a great influence on a website and this tool allows you to crop, shrink, upload, display and save the screenshots with help of a plug-in. Its impeccable technical support and unlimited scalability, makes it the first choice of many professionals.


  1. HotJar: If you understand the need and demand of your visitors’ and client’s both, then this unique platform makes your work easier. It has several astounding features and heat map is one of them. It is best used for visually representing the most interesting areas of your website and to discover the visitor’s reaction to longer or shorter pages. Next come, the easy editor which supports developing the responsive surveys and the responses can be easily collected from any device in real time.


  1. WPEka Club: Another place for premium WordPress themes and plug-ins. Whether you need plug-ins and themes for Landing pages, SEO, Surveys, Social Media, Ad Management or anything else, this source is beyond compare. It offers more than 60 premium WordPress themes and plugins, which you can use for developing and designing of your websites.


New Relic: A well-known and high performance tool, which assists in testing the functioning of your web and app servers, using a monitoring service. It serves with a better understanding of immense number of metrics as well as user click streams, end user experiences mobile activity and transactions. Now you can check how your software performs in real time!

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