There can be ‘n‘ number of scenarios which can prove why we must use infographics in the content strategy. Before sticking to digital marketing, let’s take an example of a television and the time it was invented. Everyone was quick enough to switch from radio to a television not just because it is of a new era but it is something natural where the mind attains more when his all senses work towards a subject. Like the way, everyone does not read a newspaper, the very same way you will not be able to cater a mass with your content if it is not reading friendly. Using infographics saves time and makes the article more attractive than a simple text.

There are some points which will clear the entire picture like:

1. Their appeal of visualizing

If you really want to engage readers with your post, then infographics are the best tool to put it to use. Recently HubSpot claimed that “40% of people will respond better to images rather than text. In addition to this, it’s been considered that the attention span of people is getting shorter. As a result, this may lead to content on your page being scanned rather than examined word for word. Therefore when combined, the graphical imagery and bright colors of the infographic can naturally draw the eye’s attention and can help communicate your message more effectively than a paragraph of words.”

For Example:

Appealing Infographic Visual

(Image Source)

2. The Barter System of Web

Now this will be interesting, where if you let the visitors share your content that is published on the website, which will allow the infographics to come in a notice on the internet and in the social media networks. Once the people start finding your infographics interesting and engaging, soon they will be relying on your posts and will be sharing more than ever. You can use Google tools like Analytics which allows you to track the post and you will be able to identify further opportunities for your overall content marketing strategy. You can chart down the rights and the wrongs, so there will be a window to improvise too.   

It is also traffic friendly, as the infographics you will be shared across the net and in social networks; it will lead to more links being registered to your website. This also helps in with a link building strategy for the website and thus improves the SEO operations.

Also, infographics are mostly made up of evergreen subjects thus allows you to recycle them over the time as a part of your content marketing strategy.

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3. Get heads up with Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness With Infographic

(Image Source)

When you will collaborate on infographics with a brand, the amalgamation brings out a visual identity to your space as well. People will register your logo more than anything as they always try to bookmark the source to get more supply of the same content or same style of similar graphics. The logo tends to hit harder and leaves an impression.

If the quality and the style of infographics is making rounds on the internet and people are sharing it on social media networks, more and more people will start recognizing you. It also caters to the marketing aspects of your company where just by producing infographics; you are showing the strength and speciality of your company.

In the End:
Eye-catching and illustrative infographics will not only cater the communication message but also will encourage the users and visitors to share it in their community and in their circle which automatically falls in your basket of a marketing campaign.

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4 thoughts on “3 Reasons why you must use “Infographics” in your Content Strategy.

  1. Inksplore

    These are some really interesting insights, especially the note on barter system. No doubt, that the visual content works 100% more than the conventional word driven content as humans in general are visual driven species, above all I believe its a win-win situation for both the content curator and the content consumer as well. Thanks for the post.

  2. Alisha Khan

    Thank You so much for this informative post. Thanks for sharing how you are doing it and I am sure a lot of people will be helped through the resource you shared.

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