The concept of Digital Marketing is very broad. It brings together all forms of marketing, operating through electronic devices (i.e. online, on mobile and on-screen). Have a glance at some of the most common digital marketing types used these days;
Email marketing: Being one of the earliest forms of digital marketing, it includes delivering personalized or targeted messages at the correct time. For example, brands like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. deliver emails that are tailored to meet the user’s requirement.
SEO (search engine optimization): Well, it is the most general type of Digital marketing which is used to increase the website’s visibility across the search engines. There are various techniques involved in this process ranging from on-site technical analysis and improvement, to blogging, link-building and content creation.
PPC (pay per click): It is better known as Paid Search. In this process paid adverts are typically placed to the right or above of the ‘organic’ search results. The cost will depend on the competitiveness of the keyword you’re bidding on.
Social Media: It is all about managing a brand’s image across multiple social channels including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and many others. This type has become greatly popular, mature and complex over the last few years.
Online Advertising: Don’t confuse it with PPC! This involves the process of advertising on others website. For example, you can buy a banner space on popular website, paying the website owner for the same.
Viral marketing: It is a perfect blend of various elements of the marketing. Generally, it always involves publicizing an element of content across multiple channels. It may include videos on Youtube, blogs, email marketing, as well as some traditional elements, all with goal to assure that the content grabs the attention of the market and spreads naturally through online communities.
Text messaging: Besides, the aforementioned online marketing components, it is the widely used Digital marketing type. Especially, with the exponential rise in usage of smartphones around the world has enhanced the dependency on them for quick and timely information.