With the evolution of world wide web, the medium for displaying internet content i.e. websites are also dynamically evolving. The new trends in website design are having a huge impact on how the websites and blogs perform, all because of the visual appeal they carry. Let’s have a look at some of the determinant factors in website design success this season.


1)      Responsive designs

One surefire way to increase traffic to your websites is by going for responsive website design that is automatically optimized for any mobile device platform. Mix this with retro style of designing webpages and you’ll have a winning website design that performs well. This also gives website designers the liberty to integrate complex graphic elements into the website.

2)      Infographics

Infographics are a very important part of any website, simply because of their ability to integrate information in a visual format that is understandable to all users. More and more businesses and blogs are undertaking infographics as a means to present data in visually appealing and dynamic format.

3)      High resolution displays

The digital content like photos and video, these days are of the highest possible resolution, thereby making it possible for the designers to come up with webpage designs that compliment such high resolution displays.

4)      Endless scrolling

This feature gives the end-user better interface to go through the content because the webpage is loaded as soon as the user reaches the bottom of the screen. So the user can seamlessly browse the content endlessly without any hitches. So practically, it marks the end of clicking so as to move to the next page.

5)      Parallax scrolling
This allows the user to experience a 3D like interface in the website itself since it has a background that moves slowly as compared to the foreground, therefore giving an effect of viewing a website in 3D.


Conclusion:Since the website design techniques are evolving at a very fast rate therefore website designers need to keep in mind these points in order to be a hit with the end-users. Also to conclude, CMS-based websites are going to rule the roost, so the website designers can carry on designing their projects on this platform.

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