Howdy Readers!! We are back again with one more interesting interview and this time we got the opportunity to have an interview session with Shama Hyder.

Shama Hyder is a web and TV personality, a keynote speaker and the award-winning CEO of The Marketing Zen Group.

She is the best-selling author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing (4th Edition) and Momentum: How to Propel Your Marketing and Transform Your Brand in the Digital Age.

She was also named one of the “Top 25 Entrepreneurs under 25” by Business Week in 2009, one of the “Top 30 Under 30” Entrepreneurs in America in 2014 by Inc.

Interview with Shama Hyder from Marketing Zen


With this interview we got the opportunity to know more about her, you can read below the interesting conversation:

Varun: Who is Shama Hyder in personal life? Anything that World does not know?
Shama: I tend to be fairly transparent! What you see is what you get. I believe in hard work, doing your best, and sharing knowledge. The side perhaps that is not so seen publicly is the one that I can quite a goofball. I like making my family laugh.
Varun: You are a best-selling author of “Zen of Social Media Marketing” and “Momentum”, what inspires you to write these books?
Shama: They are both written based on audience demand. I wrote the Zen of Social Media Marketing as a primer because none existed, and now it is in it’s 4th edition. I wrote Momentum also based on demand because I felt people needed to know how to navigate marketing in the digital age without feeling overwhelmed.
Varun: Right now, are you in a process of writing any new book? If yes, Can you share something about the new book?
Shama: I have two books that just came out so I am focused right now on making sure they get some love before I move on to writing another! Momentum and The Zen of Social Media Marketing (4th edition) are both in bookstores and in Amazon right now.
Varun: You are currently hosting a web television show “Shama TV”; can you tell us some interesting/funny incidents during the show and the name of celebrities you have interviewed so far?
Shama: It’s always a fun segment. We’ve switched to Facebook live so we have a live audience and I get to engage with them so that’s fun.
Varun: You were honored as one of the Top 25 entrepreneurs who were under 25 years of age in North America by Business Week, what inspired you for such a successful career within a short span of time?
Shama: I believe in working hard. I always have, and combined with the right opportunities, I have to say I am very grateful.
Varun: I have read that you had 18 job rejections and now you are a successful entrepreneur and started your own Digital Marketing Business known as “Marketing Zen Group”. What was your inspiration in that critical time?
Shama: Honestly, I had to create a window because there were no doors. The industry didn’t exist yet but I knew it would in time.
Varun: According to you, what is the importance of Social Media in today’s marketing world?
Shama: It IS the marketing world today. Not just in terms of social networks such as Facebook and Linkedin, but the fact that people ARE the media. That changes everything.
Varun: You have started your career by writing a blog called After the Launch where you shared everything about digital marketing, social media presence and much more. Can you please share some tips with our readers on how they can actually gain traffic to their blogs organically?
Shama: 1) Write what people are searching for by doing your homework using Google.
3) Make sure the content is excellent.
There is too much noise out there already. Find a way to stand out.
Varun: From your point of view, which are the best Social Networking websites and why?
Shama: It depends on your audience and your goals. Trying to reach 18 year olds? Snapchat. B2B audience? LinkedIn.
Varun: What you think about the present scenario of Digital Marketing and where do you see it heading in the next couple of years?
Shama: I see it merging where we don’t think of it as “digital” or “traditional” but everything blends. We look at the customer journey and customize more.
Varun: What’s your advice for an entrepreneur who is at his early stage of business startup?
Shama: Stay consistent and work on cash flow! If you don’t have sales or paying customers, you aren’t a business yet.
Varun: These days, podcast is very popular, what do you think how beneficial it can be for the promotion of any brand?
Shama: Absolutely. People are strapped for time. Listening is easier than reading for many – especially on the go.
Varun: Can you name some people who guided you and influenced you in your life?
Shama: Too many to list! But, top of mind – Professor Dawna Ballard at The University of Texas at Austin. She was such a champion for me, and really believed in me!
Varun: What are the marketing skills, according to you, the young entrepreneurs are lacking behind?
Shama: You have to obtain real world experience. Don’t be above taking an internship or courses beyond school to really learn how marketing works in today’s world.
Varun: Before we put an end to our keen questions, can you please share some of your marketing and re-marketing tips with our readers?
Shama: Way more than I can share in a few sentences! Definitely check out and – we have tons of resources on both!


We really thank Shama Hyder for sparing some time from his busy schedule for this interview session.

We hope you all liked this interview and the tips shared by Shama Hyder will surely help you to grow your business successfully.

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Stay tuned with us for more informative interviews.

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