Voice search is one of the top mobile SEO trend which we will see this year. So, get ready to add Voice Search Optimization in your SEO strategies.

On some lazy Sunday, have you ever asked Siri or Google Assistant to book a table for your candle-light dinner? On uttering just two magical words: Hey Siri or Ok, Google,a genie in form of voice assistant wakes up, who is ready to follow each and every command of yours.

How To Optimize Content For Voice Search

With the latest technological advancements, you are just two words away to find answer to all your queries and people are taking full advantage of it. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that 20 percent of queries on its mobile app and on Android devices are voice searches.

It is just the beginning and with passing time, voice searches are slowly preparing a death bed for the keyboard searches with a prediction of voice searches contribution in all the searches to be 50% by 2020.

A research from BrightEdge finds that 31% of marketers believe that voice search is the next big thing and yet 62% have no plans to begin any preparation for it.

BrightEdge Survey on Voice Search

Even Google in its recent announcement came up with “Actions”which will auto-generate directory pages associated with finding content from a specific website. This is an important step taken up by Google with motive to make content more discoverable within Google Assistant.

Directory Page For Google Assistant


It is high time to capitalize this opportunity, optimizing the content as per the needs of voice search, therebypreparing a mouth-watering dish for the customer. How to optimize the content for voice search?

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It’s High Time To Put Your Feet In Customer’s Shoes

If you want to effectively optimize the content for the voice search, the major task to do is to think like a human.Wear the hat of a customer and focus on his intent.

There is difference between a keyboard searched query and a voice search query.

A keyboard search query usually consist of small keywordswhereas a voice search query is like a natural conversation between two people, hence it requires long keywords. In fact, Google reports that 70 percent of the queries that Google Assistant receives consist of natural language.

For example, if you are looking for a digital marketing company in India, you will search by typing ‘Digital Marketing companies in India.’ On the other hand, same query, when asked using a voice-search, you may end up asking What Digital Marketing companies are available in India?’

This shows that voice searches are longer than the text-based queries.

An Edge Of Action Queries Over Text Queries…

Voice searches normally focus on action based tone which contain words like ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘why’, ‘when’ and ‘how.’

According to Google’s Mariya Moeva, voice searches on Google are 30 times more likely to be action queries than text searches and another study says that most widespread word used is ‘Who’, ‘Who’ phrases were up 134 percent and ‘How’ phrases were up 81 percent.”

Question Based Searches Stats

So, before finalizing the keywords, it is important to touch the soul of your customer, identifying the highest value question phrases and optimizing for these keywords.

Mobile And Voice Search Goes Hand In Hand

Molding your content as per the convenience of mobile is no longer a secondary option. Did you know that more than 40 percent smartphone owners started using the voice search by the end of 2015?

With most of the voice searches being made on the mobile, mobile-friendly content is a honey to attract the targeted customers.

Smartphone Activities by Phone OS

Mobile-friendliness stands on pillar of few parameters:

  • Tags
  • Code
  • User Interface
  • Content

A thoughtful yet unique content in suitably arranged subheads is the best way to create content for mobile.With growing number of people with mobile phones, the Internet Trends Report 2017ound that 22% of people use voice search for finding local information.

The tilt of users towards local information on the mobile phones means it is high time to get the keywords right.

Lots of more business can be attracted by utilizing the following keywords in SEO strategy:

  • Landmarks around your business location.
  • “Near me” in title tags and meta description.
  • Titles of local institutions.

Apart from this, the speed of webpage in mobile will also play a major role as Google has also come up with the latest update regarding page speed to be a pillar in mobile search ranking.

It is high time to climb the ladder of voice SEO and reach the zenith of voice search optimization before any competitor in Que.

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