Feeling ‘idealess’ …while writing content?

At times, it is common among the content marketers that they face ‘idea fatigue’. It is nothing unusual! After constantly writing about a particular topic or project, your mind feels bound to similar thoughts and ideas. If you are going through the same dilemma, here are some helpful tips that let you add action to your words:

  1. Make yourself relax:

While you are dealing with a shortage of ideas, putting stress or pressure is of no use. So, the best way out is to relax, at least for the time being! Make a complete stop to the worries, making you feel that you don’t know what to write about. Firstly, take a deep breath and engage yourself in a relaxing activity which you love the most. Secondly, take a walk and listen to some good music tunes.

  1. Invite the content ideas:

Searching for ideas is something you have been doing till now. For a change this time, let some ideas come to you. Thinking how? Check here:

  • You can subscribe to some industry newsletters via email. This helps you to have an ear on what’s new going on in your field.
  • Check out for Smart Brief! It is a service which creates articles from numerous sources.
  • You need to follow the thought of the leaders. It is also a helpful method to keep tabs on the hot topics in your industry.


  1. Run to the crowd:

When you are completely tired of tapping your head for some new ideas, the ideal way is to talk with other people. It will make you feel stress-free and they might come up with something new for you. Try these:

  • Be frank and ask them enormous questions. People’s answers for the topic will surely let you with some new thoughts.
  • Having a large audience? Not a problem, you can conduct a survey and present them as a graph for your next post. Isn’t it great!
  • You can draw insights from your customers directly. Have a word with them and ask for the topics they would love to see on your website.

Never underestimate yourself with the thoughts, that you can’t write something new now. Be an optimistic as there’s always something you can talk about. All you need is to search how to find those ideas or how to let them search you!

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