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Back in 1996, Bill Gates- the founder of the world’s largest software business, Microsoft, gave a statement – “Content is King”. And, this statement proved itself day by day. It has grown up with its meaning…

At the earlier stage, content marketing was just a form of marketing, which focused on creating and sharing content, in order to provide information about different brands and products. The profound reaction of the audiences to this methodology enhanced the marketer’s interest in content.In the past five to ten years, the buying behavior and content ‘cooking elements’have undergone the sea of change and all credit goes to the ‘Internet’.

The infographic here states that the content forms an indispensable part of digital world today. But, remember, you don’t need to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces; all you need is just a‘great’ content from ‘fresh ingredients’.

You might be wondering, what cooking has to do with the content! Well, both share a similar concept. Sounds amazing! Checkout how.

Now, you are well-known to the major ingredients of both the recipes, i.e. baking a cake and creating a great content. But, what remains a secret is the method to formulate a ‘delicious’ content.

Recipe to cook a great content is waiting for you!

• Decorate your content with Scrumptious Title

When you visit a bakery, the cake with the most beautiful appearance grabs your attention instantly and you’re forced to buy it. Obviously, first impression is said to last forever, and no one wish to taste a cake with a dull look. In the same manner, when you visit a blog page it is the title, which entices the audience at the first look. Include the following ingredients when creating a super attractive title for your great content.

  1. 1. Miraculous Numbers
  2. 2. Inimitable Adjectives
  3. 3. Snooping Questions
  4. 4. Sensational Logics
  5. 5. Honest Promise

Before you start crafting a tempting headline, just keep one thing in your mind, there is no ‘hard’ rule for it. It can be molded the way you want, but just that it should be catchy, to the point, short, and relative. For example, if you have some points to be listed in the content, use the magical numbers. Integrate an adjective or some logic. On the other hand, if you are giving a solution, begin it with a question. A simple and true promise is also something readers yearn for!

The framed title with the above mentioned ingredients, will make readers just gloss over it without taking much time to consider. It’s just like a cherry on the top.

• Baking the Informative Content

But, what if the best-looking cake fails to satisfy your taste buds? Would you return to the same bakery ever again? Obviously not!

Similarly, you fascinated the audience with your superb title, but due to the lack of engagement, interaction and relevant information, sooner the reader loses interest in the ‘cooked content’.

As a consequence, the reader would never turn back to your doorstep in search of any write-ups with a mind-set of poor quality on your website. Don’t disappoint your audience with such content. Have a sneak peek on the list of ingredients you need to create a great content:

  1. 1. Original information
  2. 2. Actionable words
  3. 3. Appropriate Keywords
  4. 4. Engaging Theme
  5. 5. Electrifying Media
  6. 6. Satisfactory Quotient

If Content is the King, interactive and provocative content is the ‘Ace’. Incorporating all the above essentials in your content will get you an inimitable write-up. A great content is one that is informative, amusing, challenging, and stimulating. Your content should be memorable enough to cause visitors to say, “You ought to visit here again.”

So, you know how to cook a great content. Often people get confused where to emphasize more, the title or the content. If you are into the same dilemma, the video will help you to take your decision.

Remember, struggling with creating great content isn’t the right way out. Doing so, you’re probably forcing things. Whenever you need to cook a ‘great content’, look for inspiration around you and in your passions and beliefs. Additionally, don’t miss to include any of the aforementioned ingredients (title & content) in your content recipe. The output from this perspective will most likely get more readers, more buzz, and more love.

Hence, if you have some unique and creative approach, ideas or suggestions, leave them in the comment box below! Your experiences are valuable, do share them here.

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