Promoting yourself is as important as promoting your business. By doing so, you share knowledge, solutions, and experience with others which benefit your business indirectly.

Earlier we have discussed the 7 Common Email Marketing Myths and today we will discuss “How you can establish yourself as a Brand online”.

Let’s Start…

5 Ways to Establish Yourself as a Brand

Imagine there are two shopkeepers in your area: Shopkeeper A and Shopkeeper B.

Shopkeeper A doesn’t interact with customers much as he just sells to them. Shopkeeper B, on the other hand, not only sells, but also tells them the benefit and ways to use the products. Now, where you purchase from?

If you are like most of the readers out there, you like to purchase from Shopkeeper B. Why? The reason is simple. He is an expert and gives useful guidance. It means that people like to purchase from expert and knowledgeable person.

In simple words, Shopkeeper B has established himself as a brand which also indirectly benefits his business.

The point is here that a strong personal brand online is as essential as your company’s brand, no matter what you do.

You need to stand out as an industry expert. Today’s customers like to interact with entrepreneurs and interested in hearing their stories. They will understand your purpose and vision, which will draw them closer to your brand. Besides, it differentiates you from your competition.

But it is equally true that it requires a lot of work. You can’t build yourself as a brand overnight. Here we can just suggest you the ways to do that.

Identify Your Areas of Expertise:

Are you a good web influencer? Are you a tech expert? Or you are a finance expert. You should be clear on what your personal brand is all about.

Start Blogging:

Blogging is an efficient way for people to reach you, to know about you. You can create blog using blog publishing services like BlogSpot, WordPress or Medium.

But consider purchasing a domain under your name to sound genuine and effective. It will help you get the first place in Google or other search engines when people use your name to search you on the web. Make sure to add your picture, a bio, e-mail address and links to your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. To optimize your blog and stay on the top in SERP’s, consider opting for an SEO expert.

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Explore Other Forms of Content:

Don’t limit to just text blogging. Instead, incorporate other types of content on your platform, including infographic, e book, podcast, videos, and e-book. These new content types have proved successful as they are more engaging and easy to understand than chunks of paragraphs.

Work Over Social Media:

Social media is an important step in promoting your personal brand as it gives huge exposure to your brand.

With more engagements on your social media profiles, you can boost up your personal brand and for that you just need to follow few simple tips.

Social Media lets you connect with your targeted audience. For example, a simple tweet can spark the communication. No matter if you are the CEO or the President, you will stay in touch of people. You can also connect with the industry professionals. You can use Facebook ads and promoted tweets to boost your following (if your budget allows that).

Build Your Networking:

Business networking helps you expand your knowledge, learn from others, get new clients and tell the peers about your business. Here are some ways to build your relationships (and leverage those relationships) with other professionals from your industry.

  • Interview influencers of your field like I have interviewed, Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel, Larry Kim and more.
  • Attend business seminars, meetings, and events.
  • Join Online Forum
  • Join the conversation on Twitter
  • Participate in LinkedIn groups
  • Interview the people you want to be in your network

With the help of these steps, you can give an edge to your personal branding. However, make sure the knowledge you share is genuine, informational and addresses your audiences’ concerns.

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  1. Manish Nair

    Connecting to own professional people, help to grow knowledge & contact. Nice informative blog. Thanks for sharing such nice blog.

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