10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rate

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Getting a good conversion rate means your website enjoys high sales volume. Here are the easy tips to build your site conversion rate.

That’s great if your website generates traffic, but it’s equally frustrating if you don’t convert it. After all, conversion rate grows your customer base and reputation. In simple words, conversion means business.That’s why it’s extremely crucial for any type of businesses, be it’s an e-commerce site or SAAS business.

Tips to Boost Website Conversion Rate

But getting your conversation goal is not that easy even if your site is receiving a good flow of traffic. In this blog, you go through some useful strategies to turn the visitors into your loyal customers.

1)    Use Video Marketing

Using videos on your website can convince the visitors better, thereby increasing your conversions rate. Video marketing creates a better awareness about your product than the chunky text. Keep your videos short but make sure they include valuable and visually appealing things for users. Apart from product videos, you can try how to video and testimonial videos for a better interaction with your users. For example, many DIY website uses the videos to teach the visitors.

2)    Make Interactive Web Design

All high converting sites have one thing in common—a striking web design that take away the user at the very first glance. Remember colors and visuals urge consumer to buy and build your brand recognition.

From single font to the color pallets, all things are crucial from the viewpoint of conversion optimization. Here are the things to make your web design ideal for conversion rate:

  • Choose the right color scheme
  • Divide content into small sections and bold subheading
  • See where you can use Call to Actions words
  • Choose responsive designs for every screen size
  • Use text, images, arrows, lines and buttons in aesthetic manner to catch user eye. For example, you can use animated characters for the arrows or navigation bars.

3)    Use Numbers in Your Headlines

Numbers are time tested tricks to trigger the customer’s attention to your content. Be it’s your blog or newsletter; you hook the audience’s interest to make a click over your content type. Using them in your headlines work because they make user thinks that this content has something important. Thus, the headlines with numbers earn 80% clicks more than those don’t have.

For example,

“7 Ways to Earn Money” is far better than “How to Earn Money”.

But keep them in numeric form (5) instead of alphabetic form (five).

4)    Create A Sense of Urgency in CTAs

Your all promotional lines go flat unless they don’t create a sense of urgency in prospective customer mind. If they do have, they have potential to convert the subscribers into paying customers. Even a human psychology says that the brain takes quick decision when it feels the sense of urgency. Creating a sense of urgency is all about your presentation to the subscribers. First of all, understand your target audience to do this better. You can create a sense of urgency by these tactics:

  • Showing Scarcity (Only Few Items Left!)
  • Countdown (Hurry Up!)
  • Time Related Words like Now, Fast, Never, Seconds
  • Set Deadlines (Offer Expires on Monday)

5)    Add a Live Chat Feature

Gone are the days when a visitor had to wait for hours to get a response over his query. Today, a video chat is providing immediate assistance to the visitors. In this way, adding a live chat feature to your website can convert your visitor. Live chat feature can work for you only if you keep these things in mind:

  • Choose a Knowledgeable Person for Live Chat
  • Consider Shopping Hours
  • Be Human in Tone

6)    Make Use of Social Proof

Showing likes, followers, reviews, ratings and feeds generating from various social media networks can have influence on the customer’s decision. For example, when someone lands on your web page, they don’t know whether your products are good or not. But a presence of reviews, tweets, and followers can give him a perception about your site. If he goes through positive reviews and thousands likes, he is likely to buy from you. In this way, using social proof on your website is an impactful strategy in your marketing arsenal.

7)    Use Testimonials and Case Studies

Like social proof, using testimonials, tests, and studies make your site look authentic for a user.

  • Customer Testimonials

People who used your products can support your claims. Choose the testimonials stating the effect of your product.

  • Case Studies:

Case studies are effective and give your business credibility. Mention how your products address the challenge by interviewing customer or quoting them.

  • Third Party Reviews:

Magazine and Newspaper Reviews

8)    Make Your Headline Effective

Writing catchy headlines is the half done to bring visitors to your site. It is also an effective strategy in e-mail marketing. Arguably, headline is the first step to sell your content which is the way to the better conversion rate. According to one study, a headline can improve your conversion rate by 89%. To make your headline engaging, you can use the below tips

  • Offer a Solution
  • Use a Word “Free”
  • Create Comparison
  • Testimonial or User Experience
  • Sub Heading
  • Use Call to Action Phrases


9)    Don’t Ask for Unnecessary Things

A site which asks much or irrelevant info can be annoying for users. You can’t afford those mistakes if your site has low conversion rate. For example, don’t ask user to give e-mail address before download a PDF file or avoid asking their phone number while they fill out your enquiry form. A shopper may not purchase from your site again-so asking them to create an account for buy again make him turn off. Well, you can offer the users all these things but you should not impose them.

  • Improve Your Site’s Loading Time

Is your site too slow to load? If yes, chances are user will switch to other site rather than holding his patience. A study says that nearly half of web users want to load site within 2 seconds or else they leave it that isn’t opened up within 3 seconds. Make sure your website is loading smoothly and don’t test your user patience.

With these strategies, you can boost your website conversion rate. But Rome was not built in a day! These things won’t give 10 k plus users overnight. But sooner or later, you see an improvement in your conversion rate.

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