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Started working as a digital marketing expert, Varun Sharma is now also a well-known digital marketing speaker – a speaker on performance development, and a trusted mentor to businesses in the digital world.

His keynote expositions are based on the digital marketing theories, which provide a fascinating insight into the secrets of high performance.

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His journey in tri-city

Varun loves his city. He says, “It is a beautiful place, the greenery all around, cleanliness is one of the best things to boost about as a part of being a resident of the tri-city. Other than that, the young crowd, restaurants, coffee shops for hang outs are just awesome. We are also surrounded by great places that you can visit that include Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake etc. So, all around I am proud to be a "Tritician" :)”.

Varun has been a part of tri-city since last 27 years. He completed his graduation from DAV College, which is considered to be one of the
best colleges and post -graduation from Punjab University which is also considered to be one of the best universities. The time he
spent during this phase of education is just memorable for him!

His interest in Digital Marketing started with working as a content analyst, researcher and crafting content
according to his interest on around 500 blogs. With keenness in research, his talent of content
writing gradually got indulged with the SEO field. The further advancement in the field, daily
research, updates and growing technicalities soon pushed his career in the
field of Digital Marketing.

His Workology


His strong belief that you cannot hit Google unless you hit your clients’ mind has made him reach where he stands today. “Word of Mouth” is his basic dexterity and he believes that a word of mouth can bring huge turnovers in one’s business and life too.

For the last five years, Varun Sharma has been intensively exploring the digital world. He analyzes digital marketing strategies, trends and practices emphasizing on mobile, social media and content marketing procedures. He guides clients through using these tricks and techniques to engage their customers in the best possible way, evangelize their brands, and transform their business.

Based on his explorations and understanding, he has developed a highly practical methodology to influence and motivate business to see their development from a whole new perspective. This perception has resulted changes for many organizations in getting recognized and grow.


A Workaholic

Varun breathes digital marketing. He loves exploring the digital marketing world and loves helping his clients reach their audiences and seeing them succeed. He is passionate about internet and marketing and thus a workaholic.

Stay Inspired

His Success Mantra

Regular research, Hard Work, support of his wife, family and friends, will to learn and explore new things, positivity are few of the things.

vision and strategies

How should businesses adjust their vision and strategies of marketing to embrace the digital market?

best practices in building and managing programs

What are the best practices in building and managing programs for digital marketing?

business potential

How should marketers evaluate their business potential to adopt any new digital trend or technique?

success of leaders

The reasons behind the success of leaders in employing mobile marketing effectively?

processes and practices

What processes and practices will enable marketers to succeed in social media marketing?


How to feel motivated even after receiving a failure in life or business?

vision and strategies

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