social-media-crucial-tourism-successIn today’s internet dominated world it is very important for businesses to prosper by exploiting social marketing tools for success. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+; businesses are looking to exploit these platforms to attract audience and convert them into prospect buyers. So let’s have a look at some of the best ways to make full use of social marketing platforms for your use.

1)      Have a game plan

You should have a set plan on how to use these social networking platforms by devising a target, no matter if it small or big. Have a look at your competitor’s game plan, for example the number of tweets they are posting per day or the amount of content being published on a weekly basis. For this you can maintain Excel sheets or easy-to read editorial calendars.

2)      Horses for courses

Each social networking platform is different from the other, and demands separate set of strategies for a successful campaign. For example people using Linkedin would be more oriented towards core business as compared to Instagram where people look for engaging visual content.


3)      Customer service

Responding to your prospect customer’s query plays a very important role in building trust and converting them into prospect buyer’s, and also a good candidate for spreading positive feedback about your brand. You should be prepared to answer positive as well as negative queries of your visitors to make refinements in your products and services.

1)      Accept mistakes

You should be ready to accept mistakes, big or small, to embrace the human element. For example if you make a grammatical mistake while tweeting an article, you should not delete it as followers will notice it. On the other hand if you make bigger mistakes like overcharging while using credit cards then there needs to be an apology.

2)      Tracking

You should track your prospect customers to know the status of your social marketing campaigns. Some tools for this include Google Analytics or Hootsuite. This will give you a good idea of the target audience and social marketing strategies.

3)      Google+

This is perhaps the best upcoming social marketing tool that businesses can exploit, so make use of it very judiciously. This will help you in getting higher on the Google search engine as well which can generate heaps of traffic to your website and ultimately increase sales of your product.


To keep it short, social media marketing is here to stay and is going to be an even more important tool for businesses who want to reach their customers beyond the local boundaries. Since most of the people out there use social-networks extensively therefore it is an important tool for expanding business.

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