Introducing KVR Mascot for 2015 “OCTONAUT”

“Happy to be a part of KVR Family, I will be your guide and companion for spreading the knowledge of Digital Marketing. Explore some of the core disciplines in this world of digital marketing, going under the sea of changes now and then with me.Helping you to grow your business, I will enhance your digital marketing capabilities. “

“The Web Space Polymath – 8 Digital Marketing Fundamentals that you should hold tight”


Understanding the vocabulary of the digital market, information about consumers and market trends is explored and analyzed well.From big data, social media, social CRM, context-aware computing to the development of new opportunities to procure and retain customers, you need to focus on all together.

Digital marketing is more about generating a response from your intended audience and it is vital to acknowledge your market. Don’t risk to focus on ‘single’ audience; research specifically for the ‘hidden audience’. The process makes use of both direct (conversation with prospects) and indirect methods (social media usage).

Businesses are fighting to survive in the tough economy. To hold a significant place in such a competitive world, it is utmost important to recognize the competitors’ strategies, their strength and weaknesses and learn ways to create and sustain winning performance.

Minglingdeep understanding of the digitization mega-trendsinthe industry and functional expertise, creating a roadmap for the clients is something highly required. The aim is to develop those digital capabilities working on the key processes, systems and tools, enabling them to gain and sustain required advantages in an increasingly digitized world.

Curation is the need of the hour to provide customers with ample of relevant information. Your target market looks for a perfect blend of quantity and quality, and curation is the most appropriate tool to get your brand viral in the digital marketing world.

Technology serves as the media for how businesses can communicate and engage with their customers in a better way. Anticipating the customer needs, it is essential to build products that match the customer preferences, including aspects such as design and development to provide an interactive user interface.

The fast-paced digital world requires marketers to bring forth a solution that tightly integrates data to transform their realistic goals to hold a campaign for achieving lucrative ROI. Setting up appropriate goals and targets is the only platform to bring marketing and analytics together.

With the ever increasing customer expectations, businesses need to increase theirawareness andneed something more than just a new campaign or technology to hold their interest in their respective markets. Building advocacy through nurturing your customer relationships and experiences is all you need!

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