If you are an internet-freak, good at words, creative, have attitude and working as a team pleases you, then you can definitely be a digital marketer. Digital Marketing is for those who find within themselves a creative spark and passion for the internet.
Often you might have received emails offering a variety of websites to contact for free Bollywood wallpapers or some kind of pop-ups on any website for any special offer on any online shopping portal. This is what Digital Marketing is. Today, nobody is a stranger to the world of Digital Marketing. With ever increasing human interest in online pursuits, certainly digital marketers have an enviable job!
The growing demand for digital marketing has increased the number of specialist digital jobs needed in companies and agencies. Google Trends shows us that searches for Jobs in Digital Marketing has overtaken Jobs in Internet Marketing and continued to grow through 2013.

The question here is that what’s the reason behind such an overwhelming popularity of a career in Digital marketing? And the answer is….obvious and simple.

  • Become an In-demand Professional: It is expected that there will be about 150,000 digital jobs predicted by 2020, but not enough digital professionals to fill them. Clearly, it indicates that those studying digital marketing will have a unique career where demand exceeds supply.
  • Get More PAY: A recent survey by Prosperity found that digital salaries are rising faster in 2014 than in the previous five years and will continue to rise in the future. What’s more, the pace of growth is set to fasten!
  • Kick Start your own career: In a career in traditional advertising, you’d have to wait for a coveted internship or graduate placement to open up so you can gain experience and create your own portfolio. But, in the digital marketing world, you are offered a host of opportunities for you to kickstart your own career before you even set foot in a workplace. Just showcase your talent and get GOING!
  • Never OUT-dates: Digital Marketing is a naturally evolving industry. With technology changing and getting more advanced, the job role will change with the new technologies that are being released frequently, and it can never go out of date. The more you keep yourself updated the more you have a broader career prospective here.
  • Multiple Job Spectrum: SEO Executive, Web Designing, Content Writing, Technical Writing, Copywriter, SMO Executives, Video content editing and marketing, and numerous other job prospectus comes under this one term- Digital Marketing.

Where should I start if I want to work in digital marketing?

One good place to start probably is definitely being a keen blogger, tweeter or Facebook user. But, if you have no history of digital marketing, you should go for a standardized test to show your understanding of the industry.

One good example can be the Google Analytics IQ exam, or the AdWords exam. These run through the basic rules and capabilities of using the AdWords or the analytics platforms. Although, you will have to do some studying, but, it’s a really good way to standardize your knowledge and to show a potential employer that you’ve taken steps to become acquainted with those platforms.

What is the scope of career in Digital Marketing?

Obviously, earning livelihood is the foremost necessity of every individual. By opting a career in Digital Marketing, you not only enhance your skill and knowledge, but it’s like a way to fill your banks. The world of Digital Marketing offers huge salary packages to the peers. A fresher can expect between Rs 15000-30000 rupees per month and for experienced professionals, sky is the limit. Besides salary, you are also offered incentives and bonus for your extraordinary skill or performances.

We are in the era of BIG Data today with a lot of data analysis happening throughout the world. When everything is getting digitized, so why not marketing? So, if you possess extraordinary skills and love to surf the WWW, getting into Digital Marketing is a very lucrative career option for you.

14 thoughts on “Should I opt a career in Digital Marketing?

  1. Madhu

    This is very good at sharing this description.
    Today, Digital marketing has become a good pathway to explore your business.
    It is right way to get “Digital Marketing Jobs in Bangalore with the help of digital marketing courses.

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  2. Namit

    Nice blog and nice article for reading..!! This is defined by the users where he should start to work in digital marketing this is very useful to the user.And all the information available on WEBTECH websites is share all description related to the topic. Reading all websites of WEBTECH everyone understands what is digital marketing. Thanks to WEBTECH for providing all information about digital marketing and so on.

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  3. anjali

    Again I’m really impressed with your post, almost you covered all the views or doubts for becoming a digital marketer. It will surely help to so many persons, keep it up the same for us. Thanks a lot.

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  4. Shalmali Bapat

    Yes ,career in digital marketing is full of glamour and alluring. Digital marketing is booming and would be growing with time.digital marketing is now the new IT career option in India. As a fresher, a career in digital marketing could be overwhelming. Thanks lot for sharing great insights on this topic.

  5. ramakrishnan

    Digital marketing has very huge scope. Thanks for sharing this valuable information on career in digital marketing. It is very useful for students looking for career in digital marketing. Keep sharing more articles.

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  6. meenal deshpande

    Its good to see this article.
    As everyone has different choices ideas and creativeness so digital marketing is the great platform to start career.
    By explaining the above article many job seekers have clear their mind.

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  7. WebXeros Solutions

    Yes, the career in digital marketing is full of experiences. Digital marketing is booming and would be growing with time. Digital marketing is now the new IT career option in India. As a fresher, a career in digital marketing could be overwhelming.

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